Prescription Thugs

In this follow-up to his film BIGGER FASTER STRONGER, director Chris Bell turns his camera on the abuse of prescription drugs and, ultimately, himself.


  1. My mom died a couple years ago from an overdose . all them years leading up to that, are so unreal . I wish I could’ve prevented it.

    She died on some dealers living room floor hurts bro.

    I was addicted and a pop pills with her at one point some reason I just stop doing it and she kept going I’m just venting here now and I’m fucking hurt. fucking hate opiates and the lifestyle that comes with it.

  2. I've witnessed an entire generation die from drugs i don't have many friends left.what these drs did but yet still get looked at as heroes and the people who got hurt gets looked at as the problem and should have known better.its not something you just choose to do.

  3. I told the cops about this about how the doctors just prescribe my little brother drugs and they don't even care and then when the cops get called who gets arrested not the doctors cop put his head down walked away

  4. The war on drugs has cost over 1 trillion? One side of that war doesn't even know that they are at war. What a waste of money! The government is going to have to change their strategy because they are losing a war the other side is not even fighting.

  5. I supported medical marijuana and not recreational for the longest time. But when I see people dying from pain killers and derivatives of pain killers, like Heroin and Krokodil, I think to myself, it would be better if weed was just growing everywhere. It would be nice if everyone was hooked on weed instead of opiates.

  6. 2 books already explain it all. Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How big pharma has corrupted healthcare and Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial – Peter Gotzsche – Psychiatric drugs are the most addictive, dangerous, deadly drugs on this Planet, and the FDA, CDC & DEA are the biggest drug dealers in America right along with corrupt Psychiatrists, Mental Health workers & Doctors that over-prescribe them. It's every person's responsibility to research what they put in their mouths. Ignorance will NOT keep you alive.

  7. There is quite a bit of false claims made in this documentary, more than likely in order to sensationalize. One of the many off the top of my head, saying that Ritalin is "made from the same stuff as meth". It is extremely incorrect and disingenuous. Not even true by any means.

    Not to say that there aren't just as many truths, but I digress.

  8. Codeine was spelled incorrectly! Heroin is two morphine molecules combined by an acetyl group, in the UK it is used medically. Diacetylmorphine is the chemical name, it's not too difficult for a trained chemist to convert codeine to morphine and the morphine to heroin. I actually think that is why codeine is not sold over the counter in the USA (too many clandestine labs operate in the USA). Interestingly they wash the heroin with diethyl ether to remove any traces of codeine because IV users typically suffer heart attacks when injecting codeine.

  9. Great show! My niece died of an opioid overdose or she committed suicide, we don't know, she was only 35 and beautiful. She had become addicted to a prescription because of pain from Type 1 diabetes and then started shopping doctors in Columbus, Ohio while taking multiple pills a day. I didn't know that until I was in my state where I grew up during my mother's funeral. Sadly, 2 months later, my niece was dead too. Because my niece was talking excessively and was very hyper which was the opposite of her personality, I asked my sister what was wrong with her; she ignored the question. I also told my sister that I thought that she was on drugs and needed help right away. My sister didn't want to talk about it, I suppose if you ignore it, the problem will solve itself. My niece had a teenage son and husband, whom she had left because of her addiction, fortunately, her son had a stable father and is now a responsible young man with a child of his own and a happy marriage. Having a stable family with both mother and father, GOD, boundaries, discipline with love, nurturing, support from parents are the most important things in a child's life, they need to feel safe and loved. Animals need to feel safe and loved too, pretty basic but essential. Americans need to get back to basics, stop being so selfish and chasing money and material things, your children need you more and it is much more satisfying and gratifying to raise healthy-minded children. The world needs to save our children for the future.

  10. Adderall ruined my life. Took it when I was fifteen cus they said they'd kick me out of boarding school if I failed. After that first dose, getting high on that drug became my life purpose for the next decade. Meth. Coke. Oxies. Perks. Benzos. Booze. Weed. All of it. 24/7. Almost died a few times. Fuck big pharma, taking advantage of kids. Shame on them.

  11. Come on people , bottom line is this ; No God , No peace. This world has put God out and the devil , Satan , that ole serpent is running wild and you are doing his bidding. This movie will do nothing and this will continue day after day , month after month , year after year !!!!! No God , NO PEACE !!! You put God back in your lives and stop serving Satan. YOU OWN IT !!!! I give the truth in love. I work for God not man. I love all of you and I hate it you hand your lives over to Satan so easily. Time is short and Satan knows his time is up. Pick today whom you will serve !!’ God doesn’t want not 1 to parish and you handing your souls over like no big deal. GET GOD IN YOUR LIFE & OBEY HIM !!! This is the only way.

  12. The ex pharmaceuticals worker lady always knew the damage these drugs did..she didnt care until it affected her niece …oh now she wants to rat the companies out…please give me a break

  13. Meds have saved and ruined mylife it’s like a double edged sword. Can’t live with can’t live without. This was a awesome movie and shows a lot of truth people don’t like to talk about. Thanks for the ones who made it possible

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