PSA: CBD Oils and Drug Testing

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  1. A great coworker was fired yesterday for testing positive for THC. She uses CBD oil daily for pain. It's legal in our state but prohibited for federal employees. But we didn't fire the employee who choked a coworker at work. Talk about a morale killer.

  2. haha, I was just listening to a comedy podcast were one of the co-hosts mentioned their brother was being subjected to this exact thing; he drives a school bus. So the co-host said his brother has to attend Rehab Zoom (or equivalent software) classes. very dystopian lol.

  3. Cannabidiol is what CBD stands for. Cannibis Based Derivatives isn't what it stands for and it never has.

    Cannabidiol is a non narcotic cannabinoid and is what helps sezeruires. It is a very specific chemical.

    Cannibis based derivatives could be any of over 40 cannabinoids or all of them and it's simply not what CBD stands for.

    It's likely being used as a manipulation to scare people.

  4. I'm in favor of legalization, possibly to include other drugs down the line. It's terrible what's been done in the name of a "war on drugs." That said, there are serious unintended consequences of legalization that need to be addressed. Most of them won't go away even with a national policy.

  5. Not sure why you did this. Seems fine to me. Obviously there are people who use marijuana who think they can cover up pretending the positive drug test was merely due to prescribed cannabis oil based medicines. That slide show preempts such a tactic.

  6. The person who wrote it probably doesn't know that astronomical refers to space, just another superlative. They might have said it was an incredibly small amount, but who's going to believe that?

  7. What is an important risk factor related to positive test results from CBD use?
    Every answer given is something the state would do, not any health issue. Tells you something there

  8. SOME CBD oils have a negligable amount of THC in them. The can legally claim to be "100% THC free" if they are less then .3% Delta 9 THC or Delta 8 THC. I work for a shop that sells CBD oild from numerous companies, and I have found that the locally produced Waxyface CBD oils (The Duke or the Dutchess branding) or even Go Green Hemp have 0 THC in them. I have sold them to man truck drivers and even police officers, and have never had any client come up positive on testing. CBD is an AMAZING alternative to pain killers or most anti anxiety meds. I am constantly amazed that people that have NO IDEA about it, telling others that it IS THC. Lol I had to take classes (my boss insisted!) at a conference before she allowed me to sell it for the shop or give advice on its use. SO. Yeah. I know a bit.

  9. CBD is not a controlled substance. That would be like inventing a test for alcohol that tests level of alcohol in the past 30 days as the same as being intoxicated the day of the test.

  10. The propaganda is bullshit. My son is a professional (elite) athlete who is prescribed 1:20 CBD oil (CBD 20.4 mg/ml, THC 1.1 mg/ml). He regularly and randomly submits to IOC drug testing (for doping which includes THC). In four years, not ONE positive test. None.

  11. Wow, not what I was expecting… I liked the Bob Marley near the end 😅
    Was your cat high? I had a friend who got a cockroach high when we were teenagers… It ambled… Imagine that, a cockroach ambling … 🤷‍♂️

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