Randy Wants To Try Marijuana

Randy Liedtke (Last Comic Standing) has never smoked weed, so it was important for him to have the most authentic experience imaginable. Join Randy on his …


  1. I really, really enjoyed this, especially the last part, and the "take a pizza…..very important" quote. That's so awesome, and true. LOL.

    Found this vid by accident. It looked good, so I hit Pause at the beginning then started hitting the bong while making a pot of spicy, cheesy, garlicy pasta with Italian sausage. By the time that's ready, I'm baked and ready to watch a trippy video like this one. That's my little "get ready" routine. Ha ha.

  2. I didnt get high the first time i smoked… so my friend and i, determined to get high, bought an eighth and proceeded to smoke the entire bag over the course of about 15 -20 minutes. we got high. i remember that first time being SO intense. when it first kicked in, my first thought was… and i shit you not… 'omg DARE was right, im gonna feel like this my whole life its never going to go away!' lol….
    little did i know that there was actually some truth to that.. because i became a pothead.. lol…
    but yeah, if youve never done it before .. and you actually get high the first or second time.. be aware that it can feel intense at first because you dont really know what to expect to happen.. but with time, that edginess went away for me and it became relaxing (regardless of strain tbh).. i have a problem with racing thoughts, and marijuana has saved me from that.. i can actually slow myself down and take one thing at a time instead of being assaulted …
    its been a wonderful discovery and journey for me and marijuana. ill probably smoke until im physically unable to.. and even then.. ill probably eat edibles 😉
    have fun and be safe everybody 🙂

  3. Funnily enough, the actual four corners monument is about 1000 feet off of where it should be. So Randy was in New Mexico for pretty much the entire weed experience and was breaking the law despite his use of a drone to try and get around bringing the weed into a state where it's illegal.

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