Reporter Who Quit on Live TV for Marijuana Fight Could Face 54 Years in Prison

Alaska news reporter, Charlo Greene’s quitting video was seen by millions after she publicly announced she was leaving her job at KTVA to fight for the …


  1. Bro they should legalize marijuana, it's literally medicine that some people need like me for pain and depression, marijuana isn't even that bad. Atleast make it so people over 21 could have it. Its very messed up that some states make it illegal

  2. Wow that babe is HOT! I hope she鈥檚 not wasting away in jail now for helping people. I guess now I need to research it after stumbling across this video. Just think out loud.

  3. Pot melts her brain cells away daily, you'd think someone who is all in on pot would at least know the law. Her children 20 years from now will be rioting on some college campus before dropping out.

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