Robin Williams – Live At The Met – Alcohol/Marijuana

Robin Williams performing the alcohol/marijuana section of his famous Live At The Met stand-up routine. If you liked this, check out the other part of the routine at …


  1. I'm surprised no one could see that this man had mental health issues. He's very spasmodic and out of control. Some of his jokes are pretty funny but most of the time he's just pouring out unbridled emotion. You can tell by the energy he gives off that he's very insecure underneath his performance.


  3. Man I was doing fairly well with diet and exercise. No drugs anymore and only drinking on the weekends. This pandemic hit and stress brought back up shit. Man I've got drunk every day for something like 4 weeks now. Haven't missed a day of work though. LOL

  4. Funniest guy ever!

    Its not a bad thing. But he was clearly ADHD. This is exactly what an adhd mind is like everyday all day. He is so excited and skips around from one idea to the next.

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