S15:E2 Day 23 of Auto flower cannabis grow.

Hey everyone, here we go, the beginning of some real growth rate. Also as of the date of this upload Mephisto has reopened and in the time it took to upload this …


  1. I stopped up when the Canadian store opened got double grape sour stomper Sam squad OG and the freebies were alien versus triangle x three barrel og and creme de la creme xsour stopper penceful of them and they're all doing amazing fastest I've had any of my autos grow super excited have to camp out on their website to get them though

  2. I got a 7pk(10) of double grape, 7pk of mbap and 7 pk of fogue state..I really wanted sour crack but that sold out in 2 or 3 minutes…. I got 5 packs of 3(5) from the night owl drop…got a pack of hubbabubba haze x cosmic queen for freebie…. That cash crop is exploding… Looks really good.

  3. Hello s.h.g. nice to see ya!! I've been catching all the mephisto openings and night owl who also is as good as mephisto . I think they know each other or something.anyways I've got over 350 of their seeds now lol. I need to stop but they are just so good!!

  4. Hell yeah brotha!! I can't wait to hopefully get some new mephisto seeds. Found a seed breeder here in Michigan that does both photo and auto seeds. Ordered 2 packs in September then they started a 1/2 off sale on their own genetics until they're sold out so I just ordered 5 more packs lol. Posted my first video being back. Well good looking ladies you have there 😁. ✌💨💨💨💨👽 cheers

  5. How does your autoes from mephisto compare to dark devil. Dark devil was the first autos I tried and they were beautiful. But the potency on them sucked. Mephisto was alot nnmore potent.

  6. Hey man been watching for a while now and just started my own dark devil auto crow inspired by your vids, after inspecting the plant in the video as much as I can I just wasn’t sure wether you topped the dark devil or it just had 2 main looking colas by chance and if you used much lst to keep the other branches down.
    much appreciated 10/10 work👏🏻💯

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