Sharon Kelly: Cannabis Killed My Terminal Stage IV Lung Cancer(Original Video)

Hi Everyone, This is my first time making a YouTube, I got a bit nervous & emotional but my intent is to give others HOPE, so please overlook my mistakes …


  1. Hi Sharon… I hope you are well. Thank you again for this post. I have shared it with anybody I come accross that tells me they have cancer or that they know somebody that has cancer. So far your post has helped and saved many cancer patients. I hope you realize just how much good you have done by posting this information. Than you so very much, I just don't have the words for how special you really are. Skål, Jason

  2. I hope that you are permitted into the gates of heaven for putting this video out. You have absolutely no idea how powerful a force is contained in these short 13 minutes. It’s not only about the astonishing medicinal properties of thc but also your will to win even after no one gives you a chance in hell. I’ve been through a similar challenge and so stories like these massage my soul. I pray for 50 more years for you and everyone who loves you. Also your husband! I hope that one day I can love someone the way he loves you. Such a fabulous video. Thank you so much

  3. Thanks for the great vid Sharon & congrats on beating the cancer, I'm just on day15 back door med of rick Simpson oil , originally was makin this oil for the wife who had stage 4 colon cancer , she is now 2 years with no cancer after two opps and two lots of chemo , I got news a few weeks back that I have prostrate cancer mid range , I also hate feeling high which is the main reason I went for the back door method , and like u I feel no stoned effects just a bit of a heavy feeling when I up the dosage , I've gone from 0.19gm to today 0.45gm three times a day excluding the weight of the capsule which is 0.14gm so I'm on roughly 0.31gm three times a day which I think is near the 1 gm mark but I'm not very good at maths , I am waiting for a scan , I've had the biopsy , so maybe this oil might give me good results on the scan even though I've only been taking it 15 days , good luck with everything and hope it stays away , I'll keep u informed if it's working on me or not

  4. I’m so happy for you too! Congratulations to you and your husband for embarking on your healing journey together and for your successful cure!!
    Could you please tell me if you used RSO oil and coconut oil heated, then cooled into a hardened suppository or did you insert the RSO and coconut liquid mixture via syringe ? Blessing and thank you

  5. She had passed away a long time ago. NSLC and SCLC. They are incurable. I know from seeing someone go thru chemo and survive ONLY 4 years. It was traumatic and I wish they find a proper natural cure. Chemo is toxic. Our government now had passed on euthanasia for terminally ill patients.

  6. I'm crying and laughing at the same video. "Backdoor method" lol love it. My dog has Lymphoma and all i was offered has harsh chemotherapy that would give us maybe another year with her. I'l be starting the backdoor method with her sometime this week and have hope that I'l have her with me longer than what the vet gives her. God bless you for giving a desperate man hope.

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