Some Universities Now Offering Classes On Medical Marijuana

Nicole Killion checked out the first of its kind program in Maryland.

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  1. И пустились во все ТЯЖКИЕ…

    Aha-a-a!! Done of the goofyness… Some universities should introduce the MEDICAL PENIS SUCKING, for the purposes of the medicine… And those classes might reduce the needs of the surgical abortions.. But it is, the first they need legalize the narcotics!! and the sex, thirsty, and death scariness will be the next stipulation steps…

    Actually, as like ECCLESIASTES wrote in the Bible, "the generations come… and the generations gone… and nothing is new under the sun. There is something that the other man might say: look at, it is the new!!! None, it was already long time ago… No memory about past, and nothing will be remembered by those who will be after us… "
    You know, that is the old college discipline named the NARCOLOGY.
    Perhaps, they might teach how to breed the new plant in the stringent conditions of the FBI warch-dog mode around New York City, for example…

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