Soxhlet Extraction of Medical Marijuana Oil

This video documents my first efforts at setting up my Soxhlet extractor and troubleshooting the operation of the apparatus. It is my my goal to develop the …


  1. I would suggest changing your solvent. Ethanol is a polar solvent and cannabinoids are nonpolar. Use pentane instead, it's more expensive then ethanol but it boils at a lower temp (39 degrees celsius) and is non-toxic. The lower temp helps keep the cannabinoids from breaking down. Also you won't extract as much chlorophyl and terpenes, as those are polar compounds.

  2. For THC bath or heating temperature should be as much low as possible in order to prevent active principle disintegration and perhaps chlorofill extraction as well. In general higher temperature ease process and make extraction faster. But for this kind of compound i suggest to use the minimum temperature , just check the boiling of flask solution: it should'nt be so vigorous. Moreover the condenser: incoming flow from bottom, outcoming flor from upper part, otherwise colling process won't be uniform.

  3. I found your video looking for incor because I'm about to get a soxhlet kit. This was HUGELY HELPFUL! Thank you so much for showing your mistake and progression. That was so helpful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this mate.

  4. So your water flow on your condenser is wrong, it always goes in from the bottom and out the top. Also your source flask is too full. Seriously you don't know what you're doing.

  5. Youre condensor setup is like shit, because the water must fill the entire condensor to guarantee maximum condensation. also, the surface of your condensor is nonoptimale. thats why your driprate is so slow. I guess, your extraction had last for hours?

  6. The condenser cold water should feed from the bottom inlet an drain from the top. Also you can buy thimbles that fit your soxhlot diameter that gives a much more even wash path. I've tried both and it's also less restrictive. And heating mantles can be bought online that will match your flask size (half way up). PS: try Petroleum eiter (30-60*F) as a solvent but use it CAREFULLY in a hood with the oxygen displaced! Flood it with nitrogen. Very explosive but very selective for just thc only so very little green comes over. Enjoy✌🏽️

  7. You can use a porcelain, glass, or metal bowl or pot with sand, high heat oil, water, or BB's and immerse your boiling flax in this. The substance used to transfer heat will depend on what you are doing. Sometimes it is desirable to transfer heat quickly and efficiently (BB's), but sometimes one wants to transfer heat more slowly (sand), such as in fractional distillation.

  8. your water flow in your condenser it backwards. Usually the inflow is at the bottom and the outflow is at the top. You can see the condenser isn't getting completely cooled down. maybe your pump isn't strong enough, sometimes you have to run it upside downXD.

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