Spider Farmer SF2000 Grow Kit Unboxing and Setup. White Widow 2×4 grow Tent Ep.5

Complete Spider Farmer SF2000 Grow kit unboxing and setup. The Widow Widow plants really needed the extra space as they had really filled out the previous …


  1. Buds are Looking great man you should make a video on how to fill a 2×4 tent from corner to corner stacked with budz making the most out of your power

  2. So, if you're supposed to flush the last two weeks, before harvest. How do you time it with the trichome changes ? I mean, how many days in between, from clear,to cloudy, to 30% amber, 70% amber,etc. How do you know when to flush and match your trichome? No one ever talks about this

  3. The ladies look beautiful and the new set up as well. You uploading this video helped me make my mind up. I was debating buying a new tent and seeing your video made my mind up. Thanks bro happy growing. Cheers.

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