Stop Smoking Weed👁

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  1. Speaking my language brother. Word for word. Bless up and take back the reins ✊ spiritual truths in balance.. smoking weed and chasing ass all day everyday… is far from balance..

    Life starts to realign to your truth when we get sober🙏 Less goo!

  2. 6 weeks for me now. You should be able to do it your own and not lean back on your youtube followers to stay strong. You can do it! Don't use a crutch maybe a stepping stone but sooner or later you can do it without. Then, it becomes normal life and just live it. Cheers.

  3. Yo I just got this video in my recommended after i started having breathing problems. I smoked almost 1/8 everyday, and lately it consumed me to a point where I couldn’t get my work done, made me lazy, and made me overthink. Just a day ago, I started to have breathing problems when I wanted to sleep and I went to a doctor yesterday and he said I need to cut off with my usage/ lower my tolerance. I’m starting Day 1 today at October 26, 2020. My goal is to hit a month, improve my health and hopefully move on from there. Thanks for inspiring me big dawg ❤️

  4. I always quit and smoke again. As well as relapse during seman retention. Ima do it this time wit u. Ready roll up this last 4 grams and smoke this pen. I deleted Instagram and took a cold shower already 🤣 I know I sound like I'm bullshittin but I'm deadazz. I already went on Amazon and ordered basketball shoes and clothes and a bag and a ball just so I can get back into hooping to occupy my time. Stuff get here Tuesday or Wednesday. Tomorrow is day 1 all over again. (I say tomorrow cuz I ain't throwing the rest of my weed away idc shit cost too much)

  5. Ritual not habitual y’all! Ain’t nothing wrong with getting high EVERY NOW AND THEN you want to hit the point where you high naturally, and where you can smoke and just enjoy it.

  6. I wan stop smoking Lucy’s and tobacco in General but weed 😂😂😂 forget that ima be pot head head till the day I die your reasons valid Ian tryna say they not but shii weed dose help a lot of people in a lot of different ways but u got it my niggah get to this spread and stack that bread

  7. Ur only 19 years : great mindset brother.
    I quitted smoking weed since today, due to my religion.
    You are inspiring me as well.

    May Allah (S.W.T) be with you during this journey and through your life.

    Salaam and peace my brother, from Amsterdam 🤲🏼✌

  8. Ive been smoking for three years straight bro ,9 in total. I really do wanna get this shit right and i dont discipline myself enough and thats what i need to be focusing on. Thanks Jay

  9. 😂🤣😂🤣 I thought it was a chick on AUTO TUNES!!!! People used to say i looked like my mother until i had a mustache so its a trip to finally see how it was possible for them to say that,… It never shook my masculinity, i didnt know i was a Galis, Playboy, ect. Now im 50 and look mad young even with all these grey hairs. Be good to them ladies, Wife up and Life Up

  10. I’m with you on the journey 100% got a job interview coming up I’ve been smoking sense I was 9 and I’m not proud to say that I am 18 and I can say I has a great impact on mindset and it makes you less motivated 💯

  11. for those who are against weed but don't smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or do any other drug cool respect for you but if you do harmful substances like alcohol or cigarettes your such a hypocrite

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