TERPENES: What They Are & How They Affect Us Pt. 1

A lot of people talk about terps. Terpenes are everywhere, but what are they? In part one of our two part series on terpenes, Trey and Rob break down their top 4 …


  1. Thnx Rob & Trey you guys nailed it!!! it's all about the Terp's,,, alot of dispensarys are not listing or showing the reported Taste or the flavor and of course the name's of strains dont really tell the newbys anything….ha ha but they are getting there…. i like the weedmaps, some helpful info in there too……… thnx guy's ……………..pass the knowledge brothers!!!

  2. bruh . . . im a recovering addict from ( you name it honestly lls ) and since ive came back to mary ive found only a few great strains that hold true to my tests lls i LOVBE my HEAVY HEAVY strains i wanna be like that girl in the anti-marijuana commercial lmao im just now starting to really figure out the whole terp thing ! thanks for the vid fam !

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