Testing pot users on how marijuana use affects driving skills

One of the major concerns about legalization is how police will keep stoned drivers off the road. Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: …


  1. Not sure about those breathalyzers but usually drug tests don’t test for thc itself. They test for the inactive compound after the drug has been metabolized. Info they won’t give you.

    Also that lady probably can’t keep her balance as is.

    And that cop that would revoke that guys license for 24hrs or whatever… theoretically yes but I’d like to see him take on the risk of him wrongfully detaining someone lol. Easy words lol

  2. Yeah, lets test a goofy, potato shaped 68 year old woman in flip flops. She couldn't walk a toe to heel sober as a judge.
    And the dude did it perfectly, wtf?

  3. This is silly… I've taken sobriety tests are in Washington state and unless you are baked af you will pass no problem. They had to get a woman who probably shouldn't be driving at all and an older gentleman. Why not test some 20-30 yr olds?

  4. Firefighter/Paramedic here. I have NEVER been to a car accident caused by marijuana (driving high). I have responded to TONSSS of MVCs due to drunk driving though (as well as other intoxicating substances). I use to drive high when I smoked weed all the time, I was actually a better driver LOL.

  5. LOL the science behind thc testing is only accurate over a broad period of time. Its science. My thc level sober is higher than most. Thus why in ontario the saliva or urine test are not to be used.

  6. The company that makes the saliva tester has said it will not work properly in canada most of the time because it needs a controlled temperature. Also the chemist who came up with the urine n blood tests have said thy r completely unfair. The only ones who will b helped by legalization r old folks who r too scared to buy from a dealer. Worst idea ever canada thanks for screwing up our lives

  7. The government pushes ahead with legalization despite the fact there is no reliable, legally accepted standard for testing whether someone is impaired. DRE experts? Right. Essentially this boils down to someone's opinion which is going to clog up our courts to the point where everyone will walk including perpetrators of serious crimes on the grounds that they cannot go to trial in a reasonable time. It already happens far too often. Oh, and can't you get medical pot without TCP in it?

  8. Just another state enforced boot over your face tactics for money scamming and profiling in the name of righteousness. So much for the charter of rights! Rights are becoming more and more of an illusion with the "current"government!

  9. They fail sober drivers all the time. Do you think they would pass him knowing he smoked, what a bs test, come on. Cash cow for cops, you will see so many fines and defense attorneys hey day.

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