The Dandelion The Most Powerful Weed In The World!

The incredible dandelion King of the weeds! A forgotten wonder rich with nutritional & healing properties. Used 1000s of years! You can use the flower petals in …


  1. Fabulous enthusiasm for a very much maligned and thoroughly wonderful plant! I love dandelion heads in an omelette – 5 minutes from garden to plate – 0 food miles, healthy and delicious 😁 Nature is awesome. Keep spreading the word.

  2. Dang! You have some big dandelions over there. I use to make a lot of dandelion tea years ago. Where I live now the dandelions are not in the most yummy of places and their tiny. Great vid….learned a lot. Need to find a nice fresh dandelion field. Thank you dear friend. Loved it!❤️🙏❤️. Being excellent!👍🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  3. That is a beautiful dandelion 🌼 I've never knew that it has many uses 😮
    From the logo, I can say this is Scotland sir ?
    I like your video and channel. I'm subscribing, dinging the bell for you and waiting for more videos 😊
    Have a beautiful day !

  4. A lot of amazing medicinal herbs are considered weeds. They grow so well and become invasive which is why most gardeners hate them. Nature provides us with everything we need we just need to stop and listen.

  5. You can tell you really love dandelions, I can feel your passion. 😊. How about dock leaves for medicinal purposes. Great for when you get a nettle sting. Great video as always. ❤️

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