Tommy Chong's Nano CBD Oil Day 22

Day 22 of me taking Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes and Nice Dreams Nano CBD oil. Sharing my progress, feelings, and excitement taking Tommy’s Nano CBD oil.

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  1. Are your still smoking bud? Ty for posting all your videos I’m 39 bin smoking bud since I was 12 it’s the only thing that keeps me in a good mood and less anxiety and I have a lot as a single parent raising a kid by myself with no mama anyway I’ll share your videos I got a page to actually just posted my first video please share my video I’ll share yours mines on kids wearing masks outside to play anyway good luck with the CBD oil‘s that you’re trying I’m actually gonna try them that’s why I saw your video I hope the CBD Tommy Chong is as good as you claim because none of the CBD stuff around my area even works and I’ve been to an actual store that sells the stuff it’s an actual CBD store and literally nothing works but I’m willing to try anything considering I drop like 60 bucks a week on bud ty again for your video

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