Tommy Chong's Nano CBD oil Day 3 Progress

My 3rd video and Day 3 of me taking Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes and Nice Dreams Nano CBD oil. Sharing my progress, feelings, and excitement taking …


  1. I too just bought it – I figured if someone like Tommy Chong endorses it, its gotta be something. I even looked up videos of him being interviewed by credible news outlets where he spoke of it. I tried it for the first time today – and let me tell you – this stuff is legit. I've noticed an uptick in focus, energy, and less pain. I'm going to try the "nice dreams" tonight and see how that works. But I'm telling you – I was skeptic at first – super skeptic. I've tried CBD in the past and it didn't do a damn thing. But with this, I could feel an affect within 20 minutes. It wasn't a "high" or anything – it was just like a boost of energy.
    I'm looking forward to taking the night time "Nice dreams" tonight. For the past several years, I've had to take sleeping meds to get to sleep – mostly Tylenol PM and such – and I couldn't ever get to sleep without it. Tonight, I'm going to not take the sleeping med – I'm just going to do the drops of the nice dreams and see how well it works.
    Thank you for your candid and honest review, by the way. I'm glad to have finally found something that works as it says it does. I get it that sometimes celebrity endorsements are all paid and all that – its the way the world works. But after watching him do various interviews and talk about this product – I tried it. Plus, he doesn't seem like the type of guy to just "sell out" and all. Anyhow – if you haven't tried it, you should.

  2. Alright, I read the article, and normally, I don't care if a celebrity endorses something, but it's Tommy Chong, so if it honestly works for him, I'm willing to give it a shot, but for the price, I want some honest customer reviews, and you were the first legit looking person when I searched for reviews on Youtube.

    I'll keep up with your videos to find out more, but nice job so far!👍

    I honestly hope this stuff helps you/others/possibly me! ✌❤

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