Top 5 Best Oil Pens & 510 Thread Batteries 2020

To see all available Oil Pens & 510 Thread Batteries 2020: US & International: Canada: …


  1. The best will always be ccell palm PERIOD … Clean modern minimal slim design and fits anywhere and protects the carts , No BS I also dropped it in water and it stayed there for 10 seconds but quickly took it out , sucked out the water and still worked …. been having mine since summer last year , never touched another battery since

  2. The downside of the pckt is that the magnetic piece doesn’t always have good contact between the cart and the battery itself. It gets annoying trying to get a decent pull; At least this is from my own personal experience. I also have the vessel and would say it brings out more of the flavor in any cartridge you may have. Do a comparison and see for yourself using any other battery. But I’d recommend the vista over their OG line

  3. Do you think you could get test/lab reports on Tronian's empty vape cartridges? Would love to show full support and I'm looking for companies that have transparency about their products like lab reports like Jupiter, CCell, and iKrusher.

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