trimming and pruning cannabis plants for biger buds


  1. You might want to move closer in so that it is easier to see WHICH branches are thin and which branch has nothing that is going to flower. In other words, what shows what "the flower" looks like. (Yes, some of you can skip this missive.) This is, of course, for those of us who are pretty inexperienced. But either way, distance inhibits the viewer from seeing things clearly. Photographer here and we learned to move in close!

  2. Nice video but hard to see how you're choosing the limbs. they all look the same from the camera placement. Zooming might help us see things better. Thanks for the video, nonetheless.

  3. Or u can do it as it grows train them young stonger branches too veg atleast two months wile u wate for your first harvest evey two months even every month if u r cloneing too diffrents stages never run out happy frog soil if u can get it works great just need tea brews in flower

  4. I don't know much about this but I don't think I would chop off half my plant I understand you get more energy focused into the main top colas but I get a lot of bugs off the bottom of my plants

  5. look im not a expert but i do know all strains are different some you can ruff up some you cant but thing is about growing is finding that perfect strain for you

  6. pruning and pulling fan leafs off is two different worlds. probably should differentiate on that some people go and pull every leaf as the plant grows and wonder why they have a bald stick at the end.

  7. I leave the leaves on until they turn yellow and are about to fall of then I just pick them off, Biggest strongest plants I have ever had with tons of huge buds.
    The only thing I did was super crop them in veg to try and get them as wide as possible.
    The one plant I trimmed and did everything right, its small as hell, looks good but small.

  8. How long do you let them veg ? a) from seed
                                                  b) from clone

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