True History of Marijuana Full Movie

Cannabis has an incredible number of uses:- Industrial Textiles Consumer Textiles Paper Building Materials Foods Biofuel The biofuel could pose a serious …


  1. I'm 15 and I hate the fact that so many people don't believe that cannibas saves lives. I have friends that won't believe me when I say, cannibas should be legal no matter what. Schools brainwash children about this and it needs to stop.

  2. The U.S. Government holds five U.S. Patents for Medical Cannabis. Why does the Government hold business patents as the U.S. Government is not a Business and then that brings us to, How, since you, the Government, claim that it (cannabis) holds no Medicinal value, why then do you still maintain those patents? It makes no sense. at. all.

  3. Obama laughed at terrorism just like me. So fake. And I can absolutely see that he's hiding incredibly important information regarding canabis' legality. Citicorp is Obama's handers. It looks like he would love to legalize it, but that shadow government and all politicians corporate, banking, and wealthy economic supporters would cease to support them$$$! That's what make Obama not all that to me. Because he knows the feds, and the monsters that pull the stings, are illegally blocking people to access to a safer alternative to their SYNTHETIC GARBAGEPRODUCTS!!! The case is over with the patent of maranol!!! Period, end of story. The fact that they continue to lie, and act like they dont know the truth. Shame politicians! They've committed treason against the people, for the sake of some punks we can make evaporate into thin air. Fuck them and their friends and money

  4. One can go on about the products that can be produced by cannabis, like bubba does the shrimpin business 🙂 Power to the plant and may we all come to understand essentially this is a vegetable.

  5. And Trump had the courage to legalize hemp, not anti religious marriages. And continue Obama era federal justice department reforms that leaves it up to the state. With that, 33 states have legalized canabis for medical purposes. 11 states have legalized canabis for recreational purposes. With the legalization of canabis on the table for many more states. Canada legalized canabis for recreational purposes. Mexico is now doing the same. Tic toc,maybe justice in this matter can finally after so long be achieved. Pretty soon any political candidate will be seen as out of touch with reality and science if they oppose the legalization of canabis. Thank GOD 👼! The nephaliems had their fun,and the demons fed long enough off of the negative energy and misery of people. Now it's time for the nations to heal and the conscious levels to rise in the remnants of humanity. Maybe become human beings again.

  6. If i were a billionaire i would pay a million people to watch this video, and ask that they each pay one and ask one person to watch this video and have them repeat the process until everyone in the world has watched this documentary!😪

  7. I've seen a few documentaries on canibis, but this one takes the award! Absolutely brilliant! The TRUTH will set us free from the bondage of monsters created bye greed and arrogance, but grew into this 4,5,6,7 headed beast thats eating people like java the hunt and his pets! SMARTEN up legislation, that's yours,and your children's soul on the line there for every second these draconian laws stay on the books!😪 And for every person hurt in any way bye the ridiculous war on canibis that's more debt accrued bye all in favor of this prohibition with the MOST HIGH, that WILL be paid in full one day!!! U can count on it like death and taxes!

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