Trump's No Outsider, Legalizing Drugs & the 2 Party Duopoly | Jo Jorgensen | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Jo Jorgensen (Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party) about why Trump is not the outsider he pretends to be, the …


  1. Republicans and democrats are quick to approve money for bomb manufacturers although when its time for the very purpose of government to provide the public a safety net stimulus they are reduced to flaky worthless arguments and delay. As ridiculous as this may sound , let’s outsource bomb manufacturing with cheap labor companies to get a better bang for our tax dollars. Watch the military industrial complex resiliency compared to the American workforce surprising rebound from decades of sabotage by their own government.

  2. I am missing the so-called opposition party questions on how many troops remain deployed in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria since the President took office in 2016? If Obama had more success than Republicans to implement Republican ideals? Than did President Trump collude with Democrats to prop-up an imbecile with no chance of winning to run against him for re-election? Most Americans have no time to make up for the gross inadequacies of the DNC/media and the undocumented accomplishments or deficiencies of the current administration. The only intelligent take-away one can make from this mess and the miracle loss of Hillary last election is that republicans and democrats take orders from the same boss.

  3. I voted Gary Johnson in 2016 and I won't risk voting Libertarian this year to split the conservative vote. Libertarians need to get smarter with name recognition and platform outreach. Sorry Jo

  4. Sorry you had me until you bent the knee to BLM. I like many libertarian ideas however she lacks understanding of human nature. The philosophy of her libertarian views has the same flaws socialist do. In a utopia it would be great however you neglect human nature. We as humans are self-destructive, glutinous and greedy in nature. Without our influence around the world how long until the next genocidal hitler is born. Frankly china is already there with the weegers, hong kong, slave labor and frankly killing off aging population with covid isn't beneath them.

  5. These mask, where is the evidence that a mask will stop a microbe ?
    That mask has as much chance of stopping a microbe as a chain link fence stopping a mosquito !!
    Totally unbelievable how gullible and misinformed the average citizen is !!!

  6. Since my state will carry Trump, I might vote Jo. I maybe don’t like her as much as Trump, but these ideas deserve a larger podium. She should have been invited to the debates. This interview is the only chance I’ve gotten to hear her speak.

  7. So, Jo says, "Let's get out of NATO totally. Let's bring all troops home from everywhere."

    The problem with that is America has a lot of business concerns overseas. Between France (including Monaco), Germany, UK, Russia, Italy (including San Marino), Spain (including Gibraltar, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, there are about 7,000 McDonalds restaurants. As another example, Hyatt hotels and resorts are located in Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Channel Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey. Many of the big motel chains, restaurant chains, other hospitality services, rental car corporations, and airlines have billions of dollars worth of assets overseas. This doesn't even mention a plethora of manufacturers who have factories, showrooms, sales offices, distribution outlets, warehouse facilities, and the like, firmly established over there. Are we to simply leave these interests unattended and unguarded, abandoned to the whims of countries who change their dictators as often as England has a rainy day? I don't know, but it seems reasonable to me to leave a sizeable military deterrent in place for two simple reasons: number one, for logistical reaction time; and number two, to actually serve as a deterrent. If some foreign actor decides to put our troops in harm's way, the decision to declare war isn't a muddled mess like many of our recent past "interventions" have been.

  8. So someone gets fired for saying "white lives matter" and that's positive from the free market. Does that mean the free market is allowed to discriminate against people for negative actions. For example, if a restaurant only serves people who tip, and the majority of non-tippers happen to be black people, will Jo still be ok with the free market working itself out? Will she be ok with all free market discretion, or just what is conducive to being "actively anti-racist"?

  9. I don't think Trump wanted to shut down the economy at all, but was "following the science," and doing what Fauci, Birx, the WHO, et al were advising at the time. Not knowing they'd turn on him and gaslight him as though he made that decision independently.

  10. "…it's four years later and we can see that he's acted like pretty much all the politicians." This president has walked alone over the North Korean DMZ to talk to Kim Jong-un. He's brokered three Mideast peace deals. He's got hundreds of miles of wall built on our southern border (arguably his biggest campaign promise). Cancelled the suicidal Iran deal. Keep us out of the unfair Paris Accords. He's the first president since Reagan not to start a war. He's the first president ever to show up to the March for Life. He's brought back thousands of jobs from overseas, a feat Americans were told "would take a magic wand." He's made an executive order which thwarts big pharma's price gouging Americans for meds, whilst discounting them for other nations. Plus the first president to release an economic stimulus that bailed out PEOPLE, instead of the banks and industries. All while the Washington establishment has been trying to unseat, or in some way thwart him since before he was even in office, impeach him for no reason, and he's also being harassed, smeared, and libeled daily like never before by mainstream media and the "entertainment" industry.

    This is the first president in my lifetime that actually operates like he cares about/works for the American people. The daily witness of the entire corrupt establishment coming after the poor man only reinforces this reality.

    Sorry, Jo. Go try and peddle your false narrative somewhere else.

  11. Obviously you give everyone a voice but she just lied about Trump, troops are coming home, he’s done everything he promised in as far as the dems shut down everything. Shes actually ignorant, nah not this one Dave.

  12. I agreed with her on some points in the beginning, but as soon as the conversation went towards drugs and wars, she lost me… well, at least I learned something today. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  13. LP needs to focus on:
    1. Winning down-ballot races in areas where Republicans aren't competitive
    2. Getting 5% nationally by campaigning in solid red and solid blue states
    3. Making friends with libertarian-leaning Republicans in Congress and state legislatures. Could get some to switch their party affiliation and caucus with the Republicans as long as they don't burn their bridges like Amash did.
    4. Get New Hampshire. Their motto is literally "Live Free or Die". They're your foot in the door.
    Basically, gain ground wherever you're not seen as a spoiler.

  14. I heard it right there at the end Dave, and thank goodness!
    I know you are more of a libertarian and I would almost bet that you would in fact vote for her were it not "the most dangerous election" of our lifetime.
    I heard the truth when you essentially said that you'd rather not vote for Trump, but you will have to and that ideologically, you do agree with Jo more than Trump.
    That is good news because while Ron Paul libertarians like myself are few in numbers, I would be we are your most loyal followers. These Trumpublicans are just as tribal as the whacky left and nearly as dense.

  15. JO JORGENSEN for the win! Ron Paul libertarian here and I'm proud that I voted for this true libertarian. For all these closet neocons focusing on her supporting the black population against police brutality like many libertarian republicans. She has repeatedly said she does not support the socialist organization of BLM… OBVIOUSLY because she is a libertarian. The true libertarians, the true liberty lovers, the true Bravehearts will vote for her. The sheep will buy back into the duopoly out of fear.

  16. Looks like the Libertarian party establishment has been taken over by closet lefties – be it the party or media like Reason magazine. Painful to watch this interview. Gary Johnson was much better. But this looks like the future of the Libertarian party

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