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  1. Do not lusten to this Hemp Oil is neant to br held under the tongue fir at keast e0 secs. 1 min is better so as to allow it to be absorbed into your soft tissyes which mesns it enters your system . Actually it will absirb & nine lect to swsllow If you find it slightly unpleasent my Pain Management cgap & tge pharmacist syggested placing a small.amount if. honey there furst. ALSO thus is nit a chicolate bar & ones system. is nesnt to SLOWLY. learn to deal with it as with any. other meducine. YOU do jot tane a double dose just because . In. fact it took ne several dats fir my stomach flira to accept it due to how tense I. hold my stomach due yo pain. One us neabt to. use half a dise ti start & as urs only stays in ines system 9 hoyrs fo so twuce oer day. This felliw us playng wirh it and orivably hopes ge will become high it us sych attitudes tgat nean my xhronuc condution is not alliwrd suffucient drugs & am uribe rested luje an adduct. even tho genetically am a nin adductive. person THIS isa bad video

  2. Bonjour, we can also spray the Cannabis legal CBD (flowers, wax, hash, crystals)
    with a vaporizer of dry herbs, much less harmful, if you want to know more, click on the icon … thanks !!!

  3. honestly, the taste should be like 1/1000000th the importance when using medicine. who fucking cares what it tastes like? how does it work is what is important

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