Two years terminal today thanks to RSO

I was told I was terminal with my brain cancer 2 years ago today! On the 2nd October 2020 I am still alive Still without chemotherapy and radiotherapy only Rick …


  1. So glad to hear from you. Someday would you post all of your meds you take. I know you talk about them in different videos. It would just be helpful to have them all in one video. Question. What movies were you in.? Thank you and God bless.

  2. Been watching your journey from afar Kerri..My twin sister was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer 5 plus years ago.
    The natural therapy path is the last option for most people understandably
    I took sister to the Gerson clinic.
    It was a tough,very challenging experience,but isn't kemo.
    She's still very much alive and kicking and "Values" life far more than she ever used too. You have had a heck of a journey and I just wanted to Express my appreciation for sharing your it.Tough but inspirational. I wish you much love.

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