Vape Nation | The Pros and Cons of Vaping

Is vaping safe? In this video, I give and in depth analysis on the pros and cons of vaping, the science of vaping, the health risks of vaping, and compare vapes to …


  1. Great video girl. Love the way you presented it to us. There's still more research to be done l believe on this. But, at the end of the day, it's up to us what we want to do, to vape or not to vape.

  2. so, ive been smoking since 8 -9 years (gosh, has it been so long?) and im completely healthy (except from my little overweightness). i had a friend who was very fit and healthy (didnt smoke, didnt do drugs, didnt drink alcohol) he only vaped for 2 years straight. one day he got out of his room, and was completely white (like he saw a ghost or something) and then he fell over, never to be waking up again.
    the only harmful thing he did was vaping.
    i dont trust these things since then

  3. Its been 6 years since i switched from smoking to vaping. Now my teeth is white and stronger. My lungs is pink and i experienced a boost of energy. It saved my teeth and most importantly my life.

  4. I've been smoking cigarettes for a few years on and off, and been consuming marijuana for almost 10 years now, recently chose too put the bong/blunt down for a better life for myself, I had major withdrawals and that's when i made the choice to start vaping. I Started vaping a weeks ago and boy oh boy it's one of the best choices I've made yet ^-^ havent been tempted to get high or smoke a cigarette anymore due to vaping.

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