Volcano Vaporizer Review | Cannabis Questions

Hey, I had a request for a review of the Volcano Vaporizer, so here it is. I know it’s a commonly discussed topic back at my Crohns and Colitis Cannabis …


  1. Yes you can vape shatter and oils you just need to use the Brillo looking pad that came with your volcano in the box. It goes inside the filling chamber on top of the screen on the bottom. You can even vape flower and shatter together. Just fill the chamber then the pad, and then your choice of extract.

  2. The liquid pad (it's the Brillo pad looking thing) that should have come with the rest of the stuff in the box allows you to smoke concentrates. Use it in place of the screen at the bottom of your filling chamber and just spread your concretes out and do it up like normal. Oh but you gotta turn the temp all the way up.

  3. There is a liquid pad for oils and concentrates!
    I love the volcano it works great from 3+ Temps.
    I hope you check out the vapexhale cloud evo since you said you like bongs. Check it out (:

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