Wax? Shatter? Oil? What do they mean?

This video is an overview of the most common types of cannabis concentrate! I go over oil, was, and shatter. There consistencies, the looks, texture, playability, …


  1. Thanks for explaining. I have smoked buds for many years out of many different things but new to the concentrates. Also I have a question for you all. When I was young and first starting to smoke bud an old smoker I met and smoked with all of a sudden told me to "hold that shit in longer" he said I blew the smoke out too quickly and you will get higher if you hold the smoke in your lungs longer so I have been doing that ever since I met him. Is it true or does it not matter? I noticed younger people take hits of weed or concentrates and immediately blow it out. Just curious what peoples thoughts were on this.

  2. Bro put that shit in a cartridge shit I make shatter budder sauce cartridges but co2 is made to vape not dab real dabs are budders sugars shatters sauces or diamonds waxes co2 and resin is made for cartridges I got a dude that makes that none moving oils all solid I get 7 grams for 150$ u can't beat that but I'd rather smoke my concentrate cartridges u no u add liquidizer to it to fill tanks up yah I smoke those bc thier easy on the go when ur at work shit I got today id never be able to do hard labor after couple dab Hits just to let u no but u do u

  3. Bro try the sauces and the resin sugars I gess in pa wax is different they call sugar wax were I get it from and yah u are right shatter shouldn't be sticky taffy like it should be a tad hard were u can rip piece of trough it in the dabber piece and hit that shit my shatter is fire but it's s lil sticky bc I got no dabber lol I forgot to get one but i love sugar bc u don't need a banner for u pick piece up drop in hit away

  4. Yo bro that concentrates look wack like shit I got shit today from a place called the healing center and I hit it 3 time could not move I felt like ur skin was melting of ur body and my shit is whitish yellow more Whit then yellow and its 87-90 % THC and I got wax today I even got shatter and resin sugar and no if wrong shatter can have a glass like concistency but sugars better plus let me correct u I bought waxes I didn't no wat to exspect I come home and it's basically not budder it's almost exzactly same thing is sugar I payed 65$ for one gram and most of my other 5 grams were 75$ to 80$ but it's nothing like I ever smoked the shit is unbelievable I was straight up parilized after 3 dabs strain is called double afgan chunk # 37

  5. What's with Thca ?? Does it get you high ? Looking at the percentages at the dispensaries is confusing. Seeing thc then thca and even Thcv… overwhelming to not pick wrong shatter or wax.

  6. First time watching one of your vids. You're so attractive & you explain things well.
    I used to live in Colorado & will be returning this fall for a visit. Can you recommend any dispensaries in Denver?

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