Weed legalization: NJ voters mull controversial ballot question

New Jersey residents are in the process of determining whether to approve a constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana. Read More: …


  1. Legalize weed in NJ very hypocritical they allow someone who has a license to sell and they call it a medicine but those who don't they call it a drug if they catch them selling it these laws need to change they are ruining people's lives

  2. Vote Yes! Massachusetts has it and it's fantastic. All you got to do is walk in with your driver's license and walk out with your product. Massachusetts can do it we can do it.

  3. Just pray. That's all you need to do. It doesn't matter what you believe in. Pray for the greater good of mankind, your kids, & yourself. Because if this law passed then all of the dealers from NY are going to go across the bridge, buy it, & bring it to NYC where it's highly illegal. Then adults (immature, irresponsible ones) are going to put it in their hookah, blunts, or cigarettes, & smoke it in front of their kids, who, in turn, will get sick from the second hand smoke, & develop an inability to concentrate in school. Ongoing research has been conducted on this. So vote "no" & pray that it doesn't happen.
    Read some of the research on the harmful effects on marijuana use. It takes away pain by numbing the part of your brain that's responsible for communicating painful feelings. That's why it feels harmless. But then it starts working on other parts of your brain, making you more likely to forget things, get angry, & lack natural sleep & concentration. Patterson is one of the highest crime areas in NJ & has been that way for about 30-40 years-so many gangs, drugs, & people crammed in 1-room apartments. All that law will do is lower the crime numbers. It won't help people who have addiction problems & it's certainly not going to clean up any neighborhood like that one. It never does.

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