Week 9.5 Flower, Harvesting the MASSIVE PLANT: Milk n Cookies 4×4 Quantum Board Grow

What a grow! My biggest plant ever comes down today! Thanks for following along my grow with me and can’t wait to see what more lies in store. Don’t miss the …


  1. Yeah buddy , u know I love this plant and I love to see this girl come harvest 💯👊🔥 , another killer grow brother , damn she looks good , wish I could smell and smoke some of her 💚🤯, hopefully u have some help to trim and some gloves , she looks sticky 👊

  2. UV damages thc ect.. so during lights off it recuperates but if giving 48hrs of darkness it's basically 4x 12hours darkness so itll also progress by 4day finishing more of it off.

  3. That is just one awesome girl bud . Hope you hit your 2 lb goal . I know out door growers who harvest at night in dark claim it’s the best time . Great video happy harvest to you , keep up the great job .

  4. What a monster! So glad you got this thing to finish out so nice. I would love to have a giant like that but at the same time I would dread having to trim all those buds by hand. What size pots are you doing the pheno hunt/9 plants in?

  5. Dark period and flushing are both bro science. Why the hell would one deprive a plant of nutrients in the phase with the most growth. Dark period… meh. Just a pre dry/cure that's all. Actually test 2 clones from the same plant. All you're doing is decreasing yield.

  6. You should do a 2 day dark period. Its actually proven to increase your tricombs by over a percent or 2. Studies have been done. Huge plant though my man! Definitely way to fucking go

  7. Killer plant bro! You have alot of patience to veg that long and it pays off I just have to wonder if you couldn't yield the same amount in alot les time growing multiple clones instead?

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