What are the long term effects of weed? | Marijuana Use

In this video, Bobby Wiggins, Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist, explains in simple language what are the long term effects of weed? You can find more …


  1. Listen to the majority of weed smokers and it's a different story to the one being told here. Each persons genetic makeup is unique so you cannot apply a blanket rule on guaranteed effects

  2. I feel a more prudent explanation seems due here. Meta-analyses of associative studies on cannabis and depression found a modest but significant relationship between heavy, regular cannabis use and depression. Do depressed individuals self-medicate? research suggest not. Several potential third variables where also excluded. it therefore seems likely that cannabis causes depression. However, the modest association suggests that some people might be more prone to developing depression in response to cannabis use. Moral of the story: stop bullshiting that you still feel happy while smoking tons of weed. Your personal experience can not be generalized to others. The magnesium thing though.. never heard about that before. If i'm correct magnesium acts as a barier in NMDA glutamate receptors. Depletion would mean that cannabis is neurtoxic since excessive glutamate influx is excitotoxic to neurons. I found no evidence on neurotoxicity of cannabis. Only unequivocal results relating to the hippocampus

  3. He is sort of right. You will definitely feel bad after the drug wears off because you miss that happy feeling, but the exact effect he described is rarely experienced from long-term users.

  4. This is why this substance should be used in moderation and not abused. I only use when im in debilitating pain legally of course. I do notice though if used to often, it actually does create more stress when it wares off.

  5. Nothing to this.guy is just saying something to make money like all of us do.and who decides whether it is good or bad?and if a person is truly deeply addicted to anything,can anyone help him?you can make himeven more addicted by uploading these videos.all of this is buisness .playing with people to make money.all helpers/psychiatrists in the world make money,to keep a person where he is-down there or- up there.

  6. I have to tell you how hard it is to work with pot smokers. Even if it has been a week since the last smoke it's so difficult to reason with them when it comes to just simple work activities.

  7. Yes but cannabis takes such a small amount of magnesium l, it may be noticed over a VERY long period of time but if you take a magnesium supplement it will correct the balance in your brain.

  8. I think thats a good idea, and i appreciate you acknowledging that everyones body is different instead of instantly hating. Its a really mature way to express opinions 🙂

  9. its not.. seriously Marijuanna is just a perception alternating drug.. its not an anti depression like Codin… it doesnt relaxes you, it just screws up your brain with Dopamine..

  10. So True. and ive smoked it pretty much every day for the last 6 years. and still do. However i think for alot of people that "warped" perception isnt a bad thing at all, Often its just an "alternative" view of reality. and a very nice one imo. As far as im concerned to only bad thing about weed is that if you do it for too long that wonderful feeling of complacency can turn you into a loser. also i tend to sortof "warp" reality a bit just to combat the effects of paranoia and self-consiousness

  11. This is scary because this guy just described me when describing weed users and it's sad because I have been wanting to quit for so long but it helps me so much with my depression and my Crohn's disease. I'm 21 and been smoking since grade 6 I need advice on what I should do to quit because I have been trying for a year now with absolutely zero luck not even 24 hours.

  12. Would you know? I smoked marijuana for 13 years, Im not sure if it is just the way my body took it but i never experienced what he is talking about, I know everyone is different its just I have never had any negative effects from marijuana. It is way better than alcohol, anti-depressant pills, tobacco, etc. so I think it should be legal and controlled as is alcohol, give people their own choice to use it or not.

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