What Are The Positive Effects of Marijuana?

John Mini, M.S.C.M./L.Ac., creator of Balance the Herb, discusses the positive and negative effects of marijuana use from a Chinese Medicine perspective.


  1. Cannabis is warm and should not be used in heat excess conditions. It works best as a an assistive, envoy herb, EVER as a chief herb nor as SINGLE USE HERB. I use it in lotions, and tinctures for post herpetic neuropathy decocted with other herbs

  2. This observation is absolutely correct. There’s no way to address these issues in a public forum because they are too specific and detailed and require extensive medical understanding and abilities to apply. Also, the probability of misapplication of this information by people using it who do not have the proper understanding, training and qualifications could put them at risk, so that’s why I don’t address specific treatment plans in this venue.

    The marijuana syndromes book answers them.

  3. What about the effect weed has on the stability of Latin America, and the tens of thousands of people murdered by criminal organizations directly funded by weed smokers in the US?

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