When you refuse chemo for fenbendazole/Panacur and cannabis oil the fight to get your results

As you know I have had a constant fight on my hands since I have been labelled as terminally ill with my second brain cancer, and its progression, and the battle …


  1. Also a Bio Energetic Medicine machine called HEALY you can buy it and treat yourself with Rife Frequencies that kill and cancel out the energy of the cancer you have. It's on sale for $1,500 you receive it in about 2 days. It has cured stage 4 cancer. It just came onto the market may 1st 2020

  2. Ms Parker… You are going to be ok.. I have a very positive feeling about your cancer.. The universe speaks to me.. And I listen.. They tell me you are being blessed.. These trials are not a test.. These trials are just the rough terrain… The journey is nothing more than the road he has set before you in order to Liv a life fighting a death that comes for so many.. But in this fight, he sends you as a his champion.. To be a messenger, a reporter and a teacher, to show others how to beat this.. How to live.. And do it with such grace.. I admire you for being a trooper, death is easy, and life is hard.. You are fighting this hard.. This will be a great victory for you, and an even greater gift you will have provided to those who need. .. You will be the truth they need to find hope again.. It'll be a start, To be giving to so many comfort and knowledge,and a be a starting point for for those helpless, lost, and alone.. And in their desperate searching for an answer, they will find you… And you will be their teacher, their hope, their champion.. Their guiding light… You are here now, to be the one who comforts and tells them as I tell you now.. You will be ok!! (Document everything!! take everything your feeling, and notate it..

    This will be a beautiful story of overcoming the odds.. A beautiful book.. That will be a beacon of hope to so many.. And the beginning of the rest of your life…. God Bless you.. PS dont you think you look beautiful? in any light.. But for being your "condition".. You are absolutely radiant.. One could say glowing (and that's not a radiation therapy joke, although it absolutely it should be) 🙂

  3. Are you taking vit C? IV vit C best but liposomal vit C is highly absorbed. You nay already know this.
    I have run in to many bad doctors. They are pharma pill pushers that will only prescribe the medically accepted "standard of care" protocols.

    Have you tried reaching out to a NP doctor? I don't know if there are any in the UK. If not, may be an international phone/teleconf for a review of your daily protocol and levels and to make some other recommendations.
    I wish you well. NEVER STOP FIGHTING!!

  4. You sold your house to fund your treatment? Where are you living, in the USA? Just asking because you sound British and thus why would you be paying out of pocket? I'm on the continent and all treatments are covered by health insurance.

  5. When I was in training 15 yrs ago the oncology dept's wholesale cost of chemotherapy drugs was $8 Million dollars. They jacked up the price 100 fold to patients. Oncology is just Big Business. They don't want a cure only expensive treatments. They refuse to listen about alternative medicine. Good luck

  6. Maybe too much Fenbendazole is making you sick. Remember Joe Tippens situation was probably worse than yours and he managed to reverse his problem with a limited dose of Fen.. Perhaps a bit more faith in the protocol is a good thing. I am doing the 4days on with 3 days off and getting a steady improvement for tumors on the jaw and neck. L James

  7. I KNOW EXACTLY HOW you FEEL. I'VE REFUSED CHEMO, AND SURGERY. I TAKE CBD and THC, along with MUSHROOMS, TUMERIC, GOOD THINGS not fenben. please don't say you're dying of can. GOD WILL SAVE you!! I'LL PRAY FOR you! CONTACT ME IF you want.

  8. I hope you cured yourself am sure you have.👍🏿 but I can’t believe how the system is acting its very daunting to think they have just stopped “helping” I would be even questioning the scans…. you just never know if its yours or a made up one. Crazy to think 🤔 your mam definitely needs to do a channel or even a book on all her information about herbs and treatments x

  9. Listening 8:309:30…Is very telling that they will not give her the results of the test. Technically all the diagnostic imaging products are the technological property of the Hospital. In that regard they are not doing anything illegal. On the other hand I think you, KErri, know inside that they are hiding the fact that you have beaten their prognosis and beaten cancer. I would recommend contacting a private diagnostic facility somewhere in a different country and getting a crowdfunding set up started for the cost of the tests so that the people you are inspiring can support you in this quest for truth on cancer treatment that will shine the light for so many on their similar paths. I wish you absolutely all success and congratulate you on the fact that you have beaten them already and continuing to beat them with 2 years running free kicking all their @$$es.

  10. Hi Kerri, best wishes to you! Sugar is fuel for most cancers, healthy fats are not. Lower your carbs and sugars, increase your fats, you will gain weight no problem., as fats are calorie dense. Try nuts like macadamia, walnut, pecan.. Also olive oil or butter on veggies, avocados, mct oil in coffee/tea, coconut oil…

  11. I hear and agree with your rant against your national medical community.We in the USA are little if any better off than you are.The insurance companies and mainstream medical type don't give a hoot for you,they just want the money and will keep you alive in order to drain your resources.Joe Tippens documented how horrible they are.The fenbendazole studies done 15 years before he came in for treatment were paid for and published by MD Anderson Cancer Center.MDA didn't say a thing to Joe and sent him home to die after 6 months and $1.2million.He was fried and poisoned to the point of death and the cancer spread thoughout his body.
    You stop worrying about your scans and put the vultures at the Hospital out of your mind.Go in and get a check up to keep your medical coverage for accidents current in about 6 months.Tell them like I told my doctor over 20 years ago:No,I don't need your drugs unless I get into injured or an accident.I've been back once for an infected cut finger.My doctor at the time who has retired just died from a glioblastoma multiforma.He was younger than I am so how can they save us when we are ill when they can't save themselves,you might ask. I think you might not need all those things you are taking.FZ and the good quality Vit.E is the first line of attack and getting on the Mediterranean diet with nothing out of a box or fast food will help you,too.GL and keep that stiff upper lip,eh?

  12. Cuba has a lung cancer vaccine . It is a four shot procedure. It cost $8000. Your oncologist probably wont recommend that you go there . They have a cancer vac for prostate cancer too

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