Why Big Pharma is Blocking Marijuana Legalization in Arizona

Mike Papantonio discusses the reasons why the marijuana legalization effort failed in Arizona and speaks with Justin Strekal, Political Director of the National …


  1. My kids are successful adults and when they were in there mid-teens I began teaching them responsible use instead of forbidding them from anything and educating them on addiction. I knew I could not send them into the world to figure it out for themselves like so many parents do. Because I gave them all the information and my honest opinion on all of it, they have never had issues relating to drugs and alcohol. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but they haven't been immune to poor decisions concerning the subject. When I say "no issues", I mean no arrests and no rehab, but some have knelt before the porcelain god a time or two.

  2. You what’s mind-boggling? Alcoholic beverages can contain up to 90% alcohol. It can and will destroy your brains and liver on the long run if you even overdose it a bit. You also can’t drive or be in a good mental/emotional state when you’re drunk.

    This is legal.

    But a plant, a herb that makes one high but functional, isn’t?

    A bit fishy wouldn’t you say?

  3. Our government is now a corporatocracy.
    Which is illegal says the declaration of Independence …we the people and a government for the people is the bitch of corporate lobbyists.
    This is too sad to think about being an American Patriot.
    I hope we the people fix our government and make our nation again.
    We need to uphold the right to life liberty and the persuit of happieness and get all corporate bribery lobbying or whatever they call it out.
    It is not in the interest of we the people but is turning us into food being thrown to a huge pack of psychopathic wolves.
    Democracy needs restored.
    Moral dictatorship for the interest of corporate whores is a disgusting thing to live and suffer under.
    I love my country and the bill of rights.
    Our right to not be spied on by the government needs restored.
    Spying is an act of war so in essence the shadow government and many corporations are in a silent war against we the people on our own soil.
    Stand up for your rights.
    And protect the bill of rights at all cost.
    That's what being a Patriot means.

  4. Why am I not surprised that big pharma is trying to keep marijuana illegal? They'd rather pump you with their synthetic drugs made in a lab than a natural grown plant. What a joke. GET IT OFF SCHEDULE 1 AND LEGALIZE IT FEDERALLY NATIONWIDE!!!

  5. Everybody knows why the big pharmaceutical companies don't want you to smoke marijuana because it cures cancer and it helps with all kinds of other neurological diseases this is not an opinion this has been proven as fact

  6. If big pharmacy would put a product out that did it's job, doesn't cause more problems then it fixes, and quit getting our kids as customers before they fall out the twat, then maybe I might use there product and start going to a doctor.

  7. I suffer from depression and severe anxiety and if I take pharmaceutical garbage for a few months it makes me want to kill literally anyone not kidding! I also suffer from fibromyalgia and it helps with me with that as well. So why the hell would I ever use pharmaceutical garbage? It will never make sense to me. The pharmaceutical companies clearly do not care in anyway about people! They have proven this to be the only truth about them! I hate them they are dangerous I feel they should be outlawed not marijuana!

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