Why Cops Searched This Cancer Patient’s Hospital Room | NowThis

Cops searched the hospital room of a man with stage 4 cancer over cannabis — and they didn’t even find any. » Subscribe to NowThis: …


  1. Real talk my mom came 2 visit me one day she lived in a nursin home at the time an i didnt know she took a couple joints back to the home smoke it outside guess what my mom was searched handcuffed an taken to jail she has parkinsons it was completely unacceptable the treatment she under went for a joint

  2. The infuriating part is cops are suppose to protect and serve, in this incident a man dying of cancer poses NO RISK to the public, acting like mindless robots is the biggest reason an entire generation hates their guts, and unfortunately they deserve it.

  3. The USA really needs to legalize the use of cannabis. So the police will dedicate themselves to pursuing real criminals. Instead of jailing guys who just want to have a good time. Alcohol or tobacco are much worse than marijuana. In this case, they try to pursue a sick person who needs their medication. The police need real rivals that from what I know there is plenty in the EEUU. So they will stop chasing children in the parks for smoking a joint and turn them in prisons into real criminals

  4. So when it is legal though it's passed but not technically on paper, how could charging this man, with cancer above all else, hold up in court after it's been legalized? It's just a ridiculous thing that we're seeing here.

  5. Back in the 50s and 60s if you were a boy who was always beating other kids up, lied easily and without hesitation, had little respect for authority and exhibited lower than average intelligence you had basically two career paths: policeman or priest. IMHO the current problem lies in the fact that the recruiting practices haven't changed since those days. The bar is set very low.

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