Why Quitting Weed Was One of the Greatest Challenges of My Life

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  1. That staying sober part really hit me cause it’s true after the first three weeks of withdrawal I didn’t crave it at all for like 4-5 months until now and I’ve been sober for 7 months And I recently just started getting cravings again of just back and forth urges to smoke and I just feel very discouraged and confused about why I still crave it after so long. It’s really discouraging and I just hope it gets better from here on out.

  2. Amazing video. I’m 7 months sober and feel like this has been the most difficult thing I have ever gone through. I’ve gone through dissociating, intrusive thoughts, weight loss, etc. Now i’m learning to love myself again and figure out who I am. These videos help a lot. Remember all, this too shall pass. Our brains are strong and resilient just gotta keep on keepin on.

  3. could you please recommend the book or audio book The easy way by a Allen Carr, its for nicotine but the psychology helps with weed.
    i quit splifs (weed tobacco) a while ago with it relapsed and quit again but much more permanently. an maybe talk about when is it a good time to smoke weed if there is one in your opinion. love your content you're helping a lot of people with your channel, probably the best one iv seen in helping people with the addiction. much love

  4. Even after a year clean I find myself still trying to figure out who I was or who I'm becoming. Used for 24 years and suppressed a lot of bad events in my life. It's TRUE its easier to use rather then fix the issues that causes one to use. None the same no regrets on quitting weed! Thanks for your videos!

  5. Day 31 today. And I find myself questioning what did I gain by quitting. Im exactly feeling what you talking about. This really resonated with me. Quitting was easy, sure, but staying sober is suddenly getting difficult. The first few days were easy, was driven by the motivation of quitting, now just feeling surrounded by depression anxiety and a total lack of motivation. Great video, thanks 🙏🏽

  6. This is true. I quit meth,coke,and e without a lot of problems but weed is harder because it comforts the emotional a physical damage I've done to myself,but I'm on day 5 of my third attempt at quitting

  7. Awesome content…
    I think weed is so tuff to quit because you never hit a rock bottom like hard drugs.
    You just function in a cloud for years and years never finding the true self.
    (No matter how good/bad that may be).

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