Why this cannabis farmer only grows his weed in soil — and never hydroponics

To hydro or not to hydro: Every master grower has his or her preference. It’s a big decision, deciding to grow your cannabis in soil versus growing your marijuana …


  1. I agree to a point smoking flower yes organic amendments and soil is the way to go for flavour and terpene profile but I have way higher rosin returns on my hydro

  2. I try to avoid hydro because it causes side effects. I have minor health issues with synthetic fertilizers. This is not a new thing. Even back in the 90s it caused issues and dispensary today is still not good. If I cannot get natural grown weed I avoid weed altogether..Not to mention the use of pesticides that are rally bad for you. The high is different and the effects on my body are different. The main issue is stomach problems and lung issues with hydro grown weed. When I have natural all those issues go away. Most people say it is in my head but after 25 years of using marijuana I know it is not. Some people have come forward with the same concerns. I wish more people would grow natural so I can enjoy it the way it is supposed to be. Although weed is everywhere I had to quit because it lowered my whole quality of life and is not worth it. Also the high does not last a s long. I grew up in a place where people grew weed all the time out doors and we had strains that would keep us high for 3-4 hours before needing to smoke again. With hydro I find Im having to smoke every hour to 2 hours.

  3. You do hydro right double flush and get the starvation right at the end to pull nutrients from the leaves and you end up with better smoke. I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with any “organic” any day

  4. Always fun to watch kids talk about growing pot plants like its complicated bahahaha. YouTube has exposed stupid idiots to companies selli g seeds and tents and lights etc to a whole lot of milliins of idiot brainwashed american children thi king they gotta have carnival lights to grow some bud. Its amazing how gullible Americans are. Lisyen you fks. ITS A PLANT. DIRT SEED WATER US LIGHTING IDIOTS IT WILL GROW. IVE BEEN GROWING 3 POUNDS EVERY 6 MONTHS IN A CLOSET FOR 16 YEARS WITH SOME WALMART LIGHTS. YOU PEOPLE WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING. I SIT BACK AND LAUGH. IDIOTS

  5. Go somewhere and smoke the weed that has been growing there for forever, and you will smoke the best stuff. For example, go to Laos and smoke some of that trippy ass sativa, and you will understand what Sativa is supposed to be. Mix a Sativa with kush or some other indica to make it grow shorter and flower faster, and you get some great crosses, but lose that pure Sativa goodness. Don't get too nerdy with the shit, girls won't like you.

  6. This the second!yes ONLY THE SECOND person I agree fully. I like people like that raw and rare! full common sense zero bulshit. For all inventors and haters remember 1 thing NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING WILL BEAT THE NATURAL NATURE- nature is standing as UNDISPUTED FOR EVER!

  7. For anyone wanting to start an easy outdoor grow here’s what you need. One container at least 5 gallons, one seed don’t matter what kind, water, sunlight, and start in spring. Last year I started my plants in like August or something and they were still decent sized and produced some of the best bud I ever had. Only problem I ever had was caterpillars during flower but they were few and far between and left the plant once I harvested. One other problem you may run into is tap water, mine is chlorinated to fuck so I just use my distilled water. Works just fine and you only need to water once the soil is dry on top. I literally watered my plants twice a day (live in a hot area), maybe gave them a gallon between them all at full size and they were beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s hard because it’s not! My first grow was better than 80% of the designer weed on the shelves.

  8. Nonsense, it's about a marketing angle for you. Science doesn't lie. Better terpene profiles, higher THC and CBD with indoor hydro. He totally lost all credibility when he went on about the "beasties in the soil". Grown outdoor and indoor, hydro and soil. This is a BS argument.

  9. Ive been growing for now 23 years opened the 2nd MMJ Dispensary in Colorado and I can tell you that Hydro Vs. Soil are very different. I recommend soilless mixes even super soils for beginners. But always encourage Hrydro as is it fun and typically produces more in less time. Enjoy Growing for questions 719-822-7860

  10. soil buffers too much ferts gives time to fix it.organic hydro is largest ,biggest yield try mixing granite dust with green sand,50%increase according to organic grower Robt Rodale. their school is. a working farm in Penn. look it up

  11. You should be growing as naturally as possible cause growing weed waste a lot of valuabe clean water. Think abou how much water your just running away every time you and everyone else flushes their plants. But outdoors, the rainy falls flush your soil for you.

  12. I never tried growing anything but if it was me I would grow nothing but soil. Screw all the chemicals they got out there to make the plant grow faster I’d say hey if I ain’t in a rush do it the old fashioned way that’s been done for thousands of years

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