World's largest legal marijuana company welcomes CBD regulation

FBN’s Ashley Webster on the booming business of marijuana and CBD in Canada, the potential regulation of CBD and companies such as Canopy Growth …


  1. Sit down LITTLE BOY – you are still wet behind your ears. Let the Grown-Ups take this one. Stop supporting big pharma. Hemp, CBD, THC- ALLLLLL more effective and safer than any pharmaceutical. And is (or should be) a lot more affordable.

  2. "We spoke to a doctor" A guy that will put you on a slue of pills, to counter act the effects of each other. A guy that will get you addicted to opiates, cut you off when the heat comes down for over prescribing, leaving you to get hooked on heroin. That has actually happened, to point it's called an "epidemic".

  3. CBD is not as effective alone. It's a plant for God's sake and it seems obscene to me to have people still in jail for possession or dealing while huge "legitimate" profits are being made.

  4. Regulation always benefits the biggest players in the market. It also benefits the most crooked politicians in the market. Oh wait all politicians are Crooks. Are you Republicans Democrats and Libertarians paying attention? All of them are Crooks

  5. Scientist just need to go talk(do some tests) to Willie Nelson, Cheech & Chong, Snoop Dogg, old guy from back of the woods and says” man” at the end of his sentence… Etc.

  6. Big business welcomes regulations, small business is destroyed and can't compete unless the make a breakthrough. This is how government regulations help the big guy, and step on small business, of course the largest business welcomes regulations.

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