World's Youngest Cannabis Patient – 3 Month Old Infant Now Seizure Free Due To CBD – SGTV Colorado

– Amylea Nunez is the world’s youngest medical marijuana patient. She was born with a rare form of epilepsy that caused up to 15 …


  1. Thank u so much for sharing Smokers Guide!! This is a very heartfelt, amazing story. I just shared it on FB to all my family/friends…I hope more will as well. It's education & EVIDENCE like this that will slowly help make Marijuana legal on a Federal level & treatments like this will be widely known about & at some point common practice. When something works THAT WELL on even an infant, there is no denying the healing/curing properties! There is something to CBD's & Marijuana flower in general that just works for certain ailments/disease….no one can deny that. Science will further back it up & be able to explain exactly why seizures stop, cancer cells slow in growth or disappear, MS progression slows…Even things like Alzheimer's & Dementia. There is hope out there & right now we live in a "Green Rush" where everyone is getting on board & the whole world wants to know more about Marijuana & what has been kept from us. Educate before u hate people 😃

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