In this gardening video, we go over my indoor cannabis harvest – medical marijuana grow. Overall final dry weight was 2.4 lbs. If you enjoyed this video please …


  1. Beautiful! Question about a 300 watt light ,can I use this in any outlet in my home without blowing any circuits?love how you explain how you grow amazing buds .i only have a small space so maybe 2 plants tops . Thanks so much !

  2. Four by eight . I won't say how much we get from that much grow space. You might feel bad a little. Nahh f that. We do 4×8 table beds. Two b-new HPS 1000 over each table. Purple kush 3-3.5 pounds per table. NL5 we get 6+ pounds out of the same 4×8 table. Monsters. Also, I say that to every grower, maybe showing the world you grow weed isn't a good idea. That stuff is worth thousands or $ and anyone can recognize someone and kick a door…no no pot

  3. Hey Chris aka MrGrowit 😊 great video mate thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm just starting my adventure into world of indoor and I was wondering if you could choose your lights again would you now choose the ES300 or an updated lighting fixture say a photontek 600w? Great work mate have a lot of binge watching to do on your channel 💚🤙✌

  4. You should make the craziest weed strain like breed Pineapple Express with purple punch then breed it with ak 47 then after all that breed it with your strain you bred chill out og. Then to top it off breed it with Girl Scout cookies. It would be extremely unique right? So you would be the only one smoking on that strain.

  5. Nice video. When using fox farm ocean forest soil, when do you start to use nutrients since the soil contains so much. Someone told me start on Day 21 and start at the 3 week veg recommended dose. Do you agree? What do you do? Thanks

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