5 states pass marijuana legalization

Besides voting for president, voters considered measures covering recreational marijuana, abortion, minimum wage, affirmative action and Puerto Rico’s …


  1. Ooof some ppl think it's ok that the u.s. used us for the last 100years as lab rats in the great food experiment of processed foods and concentrations did Any one think that way of hyfructos corn syrup or aspartame or well hundreds of other suto " natural " ingredients and down right harmful chemicals which might I add are consumed in eponetial rates the more down the poverty level you go. .1 docet point is usually tax rates so who and what really needs to to be scrutinized is my question I propose to you. The answer is the overlords that in the end only care about how they can profit. So long as they find viable ways to extort us and controle us at the same time while holding us hostage.

  2. "…South Dakota and Mississippi…."
    2020 is full of surprises. I never would have seen those kinds of law changes, especially in Mississippi. Finally some good news for once!

  3. Still taking way longer than it should to be legal in every state and at the federal level. Its ridiculous…and now we have a democratic president who actually opposes legalization as well, which makes zero sense. Still have quite the uphill battle to fight.

  4. Every state should already have legalized medical and recreational. Feds should already have it passed them self’s. The fact they haven’t shows how old you media and politicians really are.. dinosaurs

  5. Well at least everyone will be happy . Like george carlin said It's circling drain time or the big meteorite to make it right. The human experiment is done time to wrap it up……

  6. They should of legalize marijuana when the Country was formed by our Founding Fathers, after the Revolutionary War. The Native Americans, approached George Washington who became the first President of the United States, marijuana plants 🌱 & seeds to be regulated as they dowith tobacco & alcohol, but George Washington who was a tobacco grower, as his father & Grandfather before him, decided NOT to include marijuana with the Govt regulated tobacco and alcohol, because it would hurt the business of tobacco and alcohol 🍺.

  7. Well won way to make people lower
    Their I q is let the people smoke
    Marijuana the people well be
    Summer when their hooked on
    Smoking marijuana
    Also people get more sexual
    In counter of teenage girls
    Getting sexual leads to
    Teenage mother's see they
    Lower their iq with marijuana!

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