6 months on Lexapro for Anxiety, Depression, PMDD + life update

in this video, i talk about how lexapro has been going thus far, genetic testing for SSRIs, the medical industry, alternatives to prescribed drugs, and talk about …


  1. Man in germany atleast in my area there are just unhelpful doctors everywhere noone really knows what they are doing dont talk much just sucks hard to be my own doctor wish i could be in america and get that solved

  2. I healed my PCOS and PMDD severe mood disorder that I had for 8 years by eliminating consuming all excess estrogen that is found in chemicals in a lot of our skin/hair products and eliminating using products containing naturally estrogenic herbs (anything put on the skin absorbs into the body x10 because it bypasses the liver)also quitting birth control pills (they are synthetic unnatural hormones) not to mention excess estrogen. I started using progesterone cream/oil (which is all natural and made from yams!) and I feel totally normal again I have my life back! And by discontinuing using products making me sick. Look at all information on clearwoman.com I used Progestelle – progesterone oil. He has tons of info that is honest and will truly help you, I searched for years to heal myself and finally found an honest doctor who created an amazing treatment plan for people in need! I am not being paid for this I seriously want to help everyone who feels like I used to!

  3. Young lady. What ever you do. Never have children. The doctors now have you on drugs. Dont ever be so selfish enough to bring any children into this world. Please don't do that. Your kids will be troubled kids. Don't ever do that. At some point your husband will cut you lose. All the pills and such. You will always take something to feel better. I'm not being a dick about this. I'm telling you the truth. No kids. You have to many issues. Please. No kids. Your kids will end up like you. You have enough trouble taking care of yourself. The rest of your life will be 1 pill after another. Don't put kids through that.thanks.

  4. I took Prozac and Busperone for 30 days. My menstrual cycle were great for that 30 days that I was on meds and the month after I stopped them.

    I'm getting back on them.

    Also, I found out I'm deficient in vitamin D. I'm almost 100% positive my low vit D is a major part of my problem. I was taking fish oil with vit d3 and k2 and they made me feel good for the week that I consistently took them (along with magnesium oil).

    I just need more discipline because I don't keep up with my health regimens.

  5. just wondering are keeping a good excersize and vitamin regimen i think it can help especially running…but lexpro did help me after traumatic event from work 10mil….mom had full bi pipolar 40 yrs i hated it cause i never had a mom …maybe even go to a awsome church that realy helped me

  6. Thank you. Thank you for being open and sharing your experiences. PMDD is so under the radar and I believe it effects way more people than are accounted for. It’s scary, debilitating and beyond confusing but it is comforting to know we’re not alone through this. Keep doing you! We are here for you!!

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