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UCLA pediatric epilepsy specialist Shaun Hussain, MD, discusses the common causes of infantile spasm and how it is diagnosed and treated. Dr. Hussain also …


  1. Hello Doc Thanks for the detailed video first. I’m a Doctor myself. My nephew was diagnosed with infantile spasm (West Syndrome). We tried different anticonvulsants but didn’t worked. Finally we start using Vigabatrin and he responded to that. He is using it since last one month and spasm are gone. So, I’m here to comment. If any of the other medications didn’t worked . Do try this one. Every patient respond to different medications. So, with everyone best of luck. And hope everyone’s kids get well soon. Much love .

  2. Sir my baby was suffer with infantal spajms started 4th month now he is 4years still contnue using lot of medicine s but not control Perdnisol acth sabril vlprin lonozop Lacoste… Present using vlprin lonzop…. But daily it comes 2 or 3times…its curebl or not… I am from India…please.. 100pecent cureble medicine… For these children…

  3. hi doctor,am from africa,my baby now 3yrs old,who had signs of IS when he was 6mo old,but miss diagnosed as colic. at 2 years age one pediatnuerologist evaluated him and he prescribed prednisolone but seizure not controlled…and then sodium valporate….then pyridoxine..still seizure persisted.after few months he intiated clonazepam on top of valporate…..the seizure decreases but not fully.The baby can not speak and he cant eat by his fingers(hands).doctor what shall i do? pls help me……no vigabatrin or ACTH in our country.Blessings

  4. How can i take help from Shuan hussain.Can any body help me in treatment of my daughter as she has infatile spasm with Acc.After 45 days of her birth spasm started but not controlled yet as she is taking valprin and other drugs as well.for one month we gave him Acth and now from one month we are giving him briviact 50 mg but spasm did not controlled

  5. Listen surah rehman by Qari Abdul basit(without translation)for 7 days 3 times a day.After listening take a half glass of water close eyes say Allah thrice in heart and drink water in three sips.Inshallah it will cure your child.

  6. Dr. Shaun, could you look at the 3rd video Clip under my Instagram story highlights called “Baby” under @JoannaSShepherd And see if those two shivers right in a row, where he shakes his hand quite a bit also, are a problem. His dad’s sister has epilepsy. He’s 11 months old. Thanks ~ Joanna (grandma)

  7. Thanks you Dr Hussain for posting l am from Pakistan and my daughter wo is 3 year's old suffering from infantile spams problem as per neuropdiatric advance we are giving him medicine as vigabatrin sabril and my daughter spams are not stopped yet could you please me through which we can stop spams please help me

  8. Hi Doctor

    My baby boy is 44 days old. From last 5-6 days he jerks his waist outwards while falling asleep or while breast feeding. This jerk movement sometimes happen for one time and some times it happens in series of 20-25 jerks with pause of few seconds. The jerk is like hiccup and lasts for 1 second only. Is this infantile spasm ?
    I have videos of baby could you please tell me where i can share those videos with you.


  9. सर, 
    हमारा बेटा डेढ़ साल का है.  जब वह 6 महीने का था तब से वह गर्दन आगे की तरफ झटकाता है हमने लोकल मेँ जितने भी डॉक्टर  को दिखाया उन्होंने कहा जुखाम है सही होने पर ठीक हो जायेगा पर उसका गर्दन झटकाना दिनों दिन बढ़ता ही गया ग्वालियर दिखाने पर उसे डॉक्टर ने दीमाग की T V का अंदेशा बताया पर कुछ नहीं निकला पर MRI रिपोर्ट मेँ दिमाग़ मेँ इंफेक्शन ओर सूजन जरूर बताई अब उसका ईलाज दिल्ही सर गंगाराम हॉस्पिटल मेँ चल रहा है दवाईया लेने के बाबजूद भी उसे अब भी दिन मेँ 6 से 7 वार झटके आते है ओर हर झटके मे गर्दन कम से कम 10-12 बार रुक रुक कर आगे की तरफ झटकाता है.  हालांकि बीच मे 5-6 महीने शरुआत मे दवाईया लेने पर उसे झटके आना बंद हो गए थे पर सितम्बर माह से फिर से शुरू हो गए पर अब वह हाथ पैर एथ लेता  है बेहोश जैसी हालत हो जाती है.  अभी ठीक है पर गर्दन झटकाने वाला झटका अब भी जारी है हम बहुत परेशान है उसका बयां पैर भी दाये पैर की मुकाबले थोड़ा पतला है सामान्य बच्चों से वह थोड़ा समझ मे भी पीछे है बोलता भी नहीं है मन हो तो पापा पापा या मा मा मा आदि शब्द रिपीट करता रहता है डॉक्टर की रिपोर्ट आपको भेज रहे है हर महीने हम दिल्ली जाते है दिन मे हम उसे दस बार दवाई देते है 5 बार सुबह फिर वही दवाई शाम को.  आपसे विनती है अगर आप ऐसी कोई दवाई बता सके जो हमारी दवाईओ के साथ हम बीच मे दे सके तो आपकी बड़ी मेहरबानी होंगी.  हम बहुत परेशान hai…..

    मोबाइल 9977124213

  10. My daughter has infantile spasms, she’s about to turn one. She was diagnosed around 7months, started off as one movement so we wondered if it was a pain or something, I asked a health visitor she thought it could be teething. Then they began in clusters. As I’ve had some training in epilepsy for my work I know there are many kinds so I looked into it and found videos and information about infantile spasms and knew it was this. Took her to the dr who seemed a bit baffled I asked to see a paediatrician. She agreed it looked this was the problem and we had a EEG to confirm. She stopped having seizures day 2 of treatment of prednisone and vigabatrin. Still not had any yet, we are currently weaning her off vigabatrin (already weaned off prednisolone). She is behind on development but is improving, now pretty much sitting unaided and attempting to get in position for crawling. It was suspected she could have a cerebral visual impairment, when last seen at 7months, she had no interest in looking at toys or picking them up, but now has improved on this and does seem to have a lot more interest in things visually.

  11. wish i could get some help for my son he his 13 now but it all started at 6 months old he started sreaming in his sleep and his handing doing like the baby in the video . Took in to the hospital they told me they saw nothing wrong with him i stayed in the ER for hours until he had a attack the doctors take him then they call other doctors they admitted him ran some test then sad his intestine was twisted thats y he was crying and acting like that ,got some baralgne for pain . take him home he was crying every minute they one night i herd a strange sound he was in his crib sleeping his eyes i could only see the white of it his body was shaking hard take him to the ER again . he was admitted again test was done he strated vomiting through his nose now nothing was staying down they did more test . he was seen by every specialist that was at the hospital . he was sent home with pain meds again by this time his eyes stared to get crossed they say he was blind and deaf did hearing test nothing was wrong with his earing. they sent him for his eyes to be tested nothing was wrong with his eyes. he was three yrs old by then the eye doctor sent him to the brain doctor she was the doctor that told me what was wrong with him he was on valporic acid , then they change it she said infantile spams are hard to detect and even harder to treat . hes on topamax 75 mg twice per day and tegretal 75 mg twice per day and his sezures are still out of control we live in jamaica and its very hard to have a child with several types of illnesses i cant work my number is 18765373624 would love some help or advice its mentally and phyiscally stressing and very expensive to buy all his stuff every month .

  12. I was searching for someone who’s child had this syndrome that was treated and has been successfully cured, unfortunately I didn’t find any but I am here to give hope that my baby…. now 8 years was diagnosed with IS at 3mths and the treatment given at that time was prednisolone which she was on until she 3years. She is did the last EEG at 3yrs and it was perfect after being abnormal for years. However I have a tip for all parents with babies that suffer from this please give them omega 3 from fish oils it really helps and I believe it played a major role in the treatment of my daughter…. I can testify to that. Hope this helps and may God continue to give you strength in this trying time

  13. Infantile spasms are a contraindication for some vaccines. They may have been caused by vaccines. Here is from the package insert on the pertussis vaccine. Do not give more vaccine if your baby has infantile spasms or seizures.

    4.1 Hypersensitivity
    A severe allergic reaction (eg, anaphylaxis) after a previous dose of DAPTACEL or any other tetanus toxoid, diphtheria toxoid, or pertussis-containing vaccine, or any other component of this vaccine is a contraindication to administration of DAPTACEL. [See Description (11).] Because of uncertainty as to which component of the vaccine may be responsible, none of the components should be administered. Alternatively, such individuals may be referred to an allergist for evaluation if further immunizations are to be considered.
    4.2 Encephalopathy
    Encephalopathy (eg, coma, decreased level of consciousness, prolonged seizures) within 7 days of a previous dose of a pertussis containing vaccine that is not attributable to another identi able cause is a contraindication to administration of any pertussis-containing vaccine, including DAPTACEL.
    4.3 Progressive Neurologic Disorder
    Progressive neurologic disorder, including infantile spasms, uncontrolled epilepsy, or progressive encephalopathy is a contraindication to administration of any pertussis-containing vaccine, including DAPTACEL. Pertussis vaccine should not be administered to individuals with such conditions until a treatment regimen has been established and the condition has stabilized.

  14. Thank you Dr Hussain for posting this, I am from india and My son who is 10 month old suffering from infantile spams problem. As per neuropediatric advice we are giving him medicine as Vulparine, sybrile and ACTH from last 2 months but still my son spams are not stopped yet. could you please me on this or suggest medicine or method through which we can stop spams.

  15. My child did this as a baby and was still doing it up to about five with the put in the hands above her head and put her head down a little bit for a few seconds and then glazed look on her face for a few seconds afterwards we have seen a A paediatrician that specialises in epilepsy but obviously was not aware of The symptoms have anything to do epilepsy so we just brushed it off she seven now she puts her hands up to her face now tenses for a few seconds sometimes looks a bit glazed sometimes goes back to what she was doing as if nothings happened should I take her back to the GP and bring it to there attention again.
    We also have other issues with her could this have played a part in them

  16. Vaccines can cause reactions 12 hours to 3 months away taking any where from 1-7 years to disapate Infantile spasms last 1-7 years It is a result of long term anaphylaxis due to the slow release intramuscular vaccine My son was unfortunate enough to be ignored about hereditary citric intolerances Citric acid and sodium citrate have the same structures so people that react to one will to other My sons Unknown epileptic condition was medically induced by sodium anaphylactic response Miclonics would increase with medicines it's due to parents and parents parents not eating enough fruit not walking as much as we have done in past 100000 years sodium intake increase green vega give matter and walking (the only thing proven to reduce sodium levels ) we set our future genetics in stone with ou sedentary life styles bad nutrition and increased preservatives in last 100 years when we evolved to live out of saltwater millions of years ago we dropped and evolved past the point of nessasary filtration nessary for today's preservative living we are essentially trying to de-evolve and string our children up for hereditary illness vaccines are away of making only the strongest gnome survive

  17. My 6 month old son started having seizures hands up eyes up and the doctor says he most likely has IS but he cannot diagnose it because of the EEG. The EEG shows seizure activity especially in the back of his head but it isn't constant.
    Can a child still have IS with an EEG that shows seizure activity but not hypsarrhythmia?
    Can hypsarrhythmia take a while to show up on the EEG?

  18. ACTH all the way, my son was brought under control with the first injection. this was 16 years ago. we were offered Vigabratrin from Canada, it was not FDA approved here at the time. I believe that Vigabratrin should only be used if ACTH fails. So many parents are going to go with the oral medication out of fear of giving an injection. I can say in the case of my son that would have been a very devastating choice for him, his IQ is about 90 so he does have the potential to drive, he can ride a bike and without his peripheral vision, those possibilities would have been taken from him. He did have all the side effects which required HTN meds, lasix, potassium, diflucan and an antibiotic every 3 day. he did have chronic rectal yeast, acne, an insatiable appetite, and irritability that was beyond demonic possession. There were times that I had to put him in his crib, close the door and go outside. But he did have fabulously shiny blond hair that any model would have envied. Please advocate for early childhood intervention right out of the gate, my son had been in the school system since 7 months of age, first in home with OT, and PT and then center based from 3 years old. We did outside PT, OT and sensory integration also. We basically saturated him with services. I am convinced that my son has done well because he has been made to do well, this wasn't luck. This was first and foremost by the GRACE of GOD that he was in a major city with providers that recognized this as IS right away, ACTH was brought on board, he was in the cryptogenic group, and his mother was able and willing to not wait out to get services to make those delayed milestones happen eventually. Lucas never had any other type of seizure, he does take methylphenidate, he does have and IEP and does pretty good as a 10th grader. He does receive spec ed serv. He may not be college material, but he's not profoundly retarded as we were told he would be at 5 months of age if he lived. I have to know that when I die I can say that I did everything in my power to make him the most he could be.

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