Beginners guide choosing conceal Vaporizer Kit | HoneyStick CBD Oil Prefilled 510 thread Cartridges

Picking the Best Concealer for you. This is our most frequently asked question, what are the differences between the units, what are the dimensions, does it …


  1. Great products and the absolute best customer service out there period. If you do end up having any issues with their products, they take care of it with no B.S.
    if you’re contemplating a purchase from Honeystick, go for it. You can’t go wrong.

  2. Why wouldn't you make the Phantom hole a half mm larger so that it could accommodate EVERY prefilled cartridge on the market? It's not that hard to figure that one out. Let me know after you get ur done.

  3. Could i used a tincture made with vg ? I need to buy husband a gift for his birthday tomorrow, most places say to add water or glycol so i can use it, my forst tinctures were thick now they thin or medium he wants to try to not smoke much flower and make a way for his medicine lasts and not to expensive we saw a 510 with five refi)able cartridges for 34$ on a video i saw someone make a wax tincture mix to use i just want the better option, thanks Sam

  4. Question about the honey stick beekeeper. Can you use the oil that comes in syringes from dispensary, the ones you have to use water to heat up?

    Just received my beekeeper and inserted a cartridge from dispensary. Had a very harsh burnt taste, almost chemical like. I’ve used this cartridge in the $20 battery pen I bought from dispensary, and it usually has a very nice grapish flavor. So definitely not a bad cartridge. Can’t test my other cartridges since they’re too wide and don’t fit. So really hoping to be able to fill tank with syringe oil, but my guess is it’s too think.
    Sorry so long winded, appreciate any help.

  5. Unfortunately, I don’t have an apparatus to determine the diameter of the cartridges I use. I use 710 kingpens and brass knuckles 1000 mm or sometimes 500 mm. Can someone recommend a good concealed vape for these cartridges. Thank you

  6. Nice and informative video👍🏼 thanks for information. The magnet adapter is DOPE, and does come in handy HONEY STICK is one of if not the best bang for your buck! Love all the products they make.

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