Can Cannabis cure Cancer??

The US Govt has known since 1974 that Cannabis cures Cancer. In ’72 Richard Nixon wanted a larger budget for his war on drugs. He thought that if he proved …


  1. Hey! Lookit that! I wrote the info in the description! Thats soooo awesome! My words are traveling all over the world helping people find the truth. It gives me chills! I'm truly honored that you're using my words and helping me spread the truth. Namaste 🙂

  2. We all have to come to our own conclusions. Based on the info Iv e seen which I will admit has been pretty much on Youtube is that cannabis can cure cancer. True these are mostly antidotal the science behind it seems to back it. In my opinion until shown otherwise I have no other choice to believe it can cure cancer. wether I like it or not. What would be interesting to see is yourself doing the research and seeing what conclusion you come to. Let us know what you think

  3. It is true. Pharmaceutical companies are working on ways to make loads of money off it..look up gw pharmaceuticals. They won't legalize it so anyone can grow their own cures. You say you don't use drugs but you and every other human has an Endo-Cannabinoid system that regulates all the important functions of your body. Your body creates chemicals that are identical to the ones in pot.

  4. @philipgill LoL, well cannabis is classified as both a stimulant and relaxant. Studies has shown that some Cannabinoids actually raises alertness level at a certain dosage but becomes a relaxant if the dosage is exceeded. More often than not, it will get you relaxed so smoking a joint before a sporting event won't get you the gold. But again, cannabis have healing properties so it might be a useful suppliment after a workout. These are all speculations btw.

  5. @philipgill It's less about making money and more to admitting they were wrong in the first place. The America was the country that pushed for the war on drugs and convinced every country in the world to sign the single convention of narcotics 1961. For them to admit they are wrong means they have to answer to the millions of lives affected by their mistake.

  6. @philipgill Well no, it is not covered up. There are hundreds of studies that shows cannabis to be a very effective medicine and several studies that shows cannabis intoxication doesn't cause much or any harm. The government's just pretending its not there. It is quite bizarre actually if you take a look at some of the news footages. Doctors and advocates showed concrete evidence to their respective government bodies and they responded like these evidence are invisible to them.

  7. Aside from that, Cannabis could be used as medicine as well. The cannabinoid compounds in the plant, particularly Cannabidiol which has anti-tumor effects, is used for for treating cancer and other ailments. How to use that is currently in debate.

    Some talk about eating the cannabis bud raw without heating it, some talk about juicing raw cannabis, some talk about vaporizing, some say to bake the cannabis in food and some talk about extracting the essential oils which can be ingested.

  8. Well it depends on your definition of harm, I mean the plant itself don't spontaneously grow limbs and beat the crap out of people. The cannabis plant itself has thousands of uses.
    Smoking cannabis is used for getting high and having fun. The intoxicating effects of smoking cannabis is rather benign compared to drinking alcohol

  9. It's not being covered up. The US government themselves that the cannabis compounds have anti-tumor effect… Look up us patent no. 6630507. They are just pretending it does not exist. The pharmaceutical companies have no interest in growing flowers for medicine and the federal government have no interest in admitting that they were wrong in banning a harmless plant.

    Which is why everyone wants Cannabis to be legalized so it will go to the hands of herbalists.

  10. No mate Iv never smoked in my life im ex army so dead against drugs etc its kinda installed into you when ur in the army and unlike the british board of control think I had at least 2 random test a year.

    Although my crazy blogs may seem like in stoned I asure u im just punchy lol.

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