Curaleaf Nano Drops And Crumble? #Flmmj #Curaleaf

Let’s discuss the nano drops and alleged crumble that I picked up from Curaleaf. As always I am a legal medical cannabis patient and all these products were …


  1. I tried the Nano Drops from Trulieve and it tastes like shit too. WORKS, but tastes like crap. I also had Trulieve Crumble. It got mold on it and turned funky too. Not a crumble fan.

  2. That Crumble has water in it. It wasnโ€™t purged worth shit. They should take that back without any questions but most of these dispensaries wonโ€™t take things back. I wish the other companies were like Trulieve and their return policy.

  3. I got the crumble a couple weeks ago. Looked like yours, didnt sound like yours, lol, but, l really loved the effects. Did not disappoint. I was told ahead of time that the consistency was that of sugary wax..

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