Delta-8 THC Breakdown

In this one we talk about Delta-8 THC and what I think about this cannabinoid everyone’s buzzing about subscribe here for more Cannabis content: …


  1. Try tree top brand peach ring delta 8 gummies. We would be more than willing to ship it to you along with tree top delta 8 carts. It’s once of our best sellers at my shop, m2 vapor located in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Check us out !

  2. When I smoke my regular cannabis carts I get really bad panic attacks the first hour of being medicated but then it kinda goes away and I enjoy my high. Will delta 8 not cause the heart racing feeling and paranoia that I’m dying?

  3. Just subbed. As someone who has medicated with MMJ, it was too much for me with my anxiety and even experienced crazy withdrawals. One brand thats caught my eye is HCH/Harbor City Hemp. They seem to be the leader in quality, canna terps, potency, and transparency if you can ever get your hands on one of their carts

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