Finally Cannabis Cultivation is legalised in India

Zestha Biotech is the first license holder for cultivation of medicinal cannabis and extraction of CBD Oil and its derivatives in India. Having the first and currently …


  1. Please legalise it so that those who want to grow it for their personal use they can do it freely with some limitation like ..5 to 6 plants per person ..just like the growers of U.S.A

  2. Are you interested in vertical farming and also cultured cultivation {Like providing a fast growth conditions to plant, to increase rate upto 500% of rapd growth using technologies like CRISPR and others which might help in that one.}

  3. According to one of the managers available for clarification over the phone, legalising medical cannabis for public is expected to take one year more because clinical trials are presently said to be underway of Zestha Biotech research.

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