MARIJUANA HARVEST TRIM & DRYING | BUBBA KUSH Can you believe this is my first weed harvest of 2020!? I’ve had so many set backs and have not fully …


  1. dehydrating your plants prior to harvest only deminish the plants flavor and resin production, on the contrary, water heavy and the last 2 – 3 days water with ice water leaving ice on soil,,, this mimicks nature, studies have been done on this subject, and whats the point in drying out to speed up the drying process that contradicts a growers nature , people spend months growing their weed and caring for it only to do an invisible stomp on it by drying out the plant when it should still be growing, do side by sides and test me, im speaking from experience,,, i luv cali but sometimes they just want their rib meat cleaned off the bone for them before theyll eat, trail blaze girl,,, keep growing

  2. Look bomb af! I need to come see what that Cali bud hit like lbs. Michigan got good shit don't get me wrong but yall on a whole nother level. Keep mastering your skill sis, your on your way

  3. High from Canada Doll. What's up? Just found your channel by accident and I am so glad I did. First, it's a pleasure to binge watch all your footage of past content. You are so charming, authentic and genuinely enthusiastic about this beautiful plant and the community. Thank you kindly for being you. I enjoy your channel. I'm addicted to it. Take care Doll, your fan completely,Sativa

  4. Good video! I hate wet trimming. Gives me a bad stiff neck! I bought a trimming machine that saves a lotta time but it tends to roll the buds around a lot and I went back to hand trimming. For drying I bought a hanging mesh thing from Amazon with like 7 layers. I hang it from the ceiling with a fan lightly circulating some air thru. Holds about 3 plants worth of trimmed buds. Works great!

  5. Did I call it ? πŸ€” yuuup !!! Lol Great job girly I knew it would be worth the wait and all the hataz with that two joint shit can kiss your ass now !!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ”₯πŸ’―

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