Marijuana Legalization is NOT a Grassroots Movement, It's About Big Drug Investors

The drive to legalize marijuana is NOT a grassroots movement. It’s funded by out-of-state PACs, corporations & investors who want profits over public safety.


  1. Guess what? Prop 207 passed!!! 😁😁😁

    And it's all thanks to Sheila Polk and those fine people over at MatForce who were ever so willing to make the most outlandish claims about marijuana, and help everyone realize just how ridiculous the argument of banning it really was 😇

    I will smoke today in your honor.

  2. This is ridiculous! LEGALIZE Marijuana!! 21 age limit . Invest money from weed sales to studying and explaining to kids why marijuana isnt this awful thing but its not something they should be using until they are of age because its not good for a kids growth ! Its been far to long its time to legalize marijuana. If you want something to go after go after Alcohol pain meds and cigarettes you know the 3 things that are actually killing people ???

  3. So you think street dealers should make the fortune in cannabis sales that are done whether legal or not? Colorado sells SAFE, REGULATED cannabis and makes almost a MILLION DOLLARS A DAY in taxes from cannabis sales. You lunatics wanna see ALL THAT MONEY go to Mexican drug cartels instead? Fools like YOU are what keep Guys like Chapo Guzman in business haha…. Never have time to think it through do you? Cannabis is America’s NUMBER ONE CASH CROP! Like it or not it’s a fact! I want ALL THAT MONEY circulating in our economy, not going to wealthy Mexican cartels! Misguided fools.

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