Marijuana legalization may have influenced Arizona vote

LZ Granderson says love for military families and legalization of marijuana may have benefited Democrats in the Arizona vote; Barbara Comstock says a Joe …


  1. Joe Biden isn’t pro-marijuana. What are they talking about. He was the only democratic presidential candidate who opposed federal legalization.

  2. The reality? Like prescriptions, being advertised on television, making you yourself the doctor and your doctor the drug dealer…Like alcohol…the historical cure all elixir…have a drink if : your sad, if your angry, to celebrate, if your disappointed, if your tired, etc., But beware of the side affects such as: unwanted marriages, unwanted pregnancies, unwanted divorces, unwanted murders, suicides, manslaughters, etc…cannabis…is probably safer…every car behind you, with a luggage rack is a cop, people will always say I've had enough where Alcohol they drink to death…Ironic?

  3. If so, what a bunch of DUMMIES…All you liberal DUMMIES out there listen up. Did you know the LIBERAL side of the US SUPREME COURT ruled, in Gonzales v. Raich, 545 U.S. 1, that home grown marijuana CAN BE REGULATED under the federal governments commerce powers. Not only that, Trump was ok with STATES regulating marijuana as they saw fit.

  4. Watching the "Progressive Agenda" as a slur, is crazy from a European standard. We have universal healthcare, paid vacation, paid maternity leave, free college and a living wage. Even Conservatives in Europe support ALL of these things. A McDonald's worker in The Netherlands makes $24 hr with guaranteed paid vacation. America is not "centrists" it's an ultra Right Wing wt nationalist country that capitulates to corporate interests. The majority of wt America voted for Trump who is an open RACIST incompetent menace. That is the lasting impression we in Europe see.💯

  5. Hahaha the Dems desperately trying to make excuses to cover up their fraud….Trump voters want legal weed too. Voting for Trump or Biden had no effect on legalizing weed in AZ since it was a state issue.

  6. So if people wouldn't have come out to vote on pot during midterm because people only really come out for the presidential elections, how can you say pot is the only reason so many people came out to vote? If pot was a huge motivator, theyd have come out to vote either way.

  7. Yeah that or it could be that the media is lying the demoncrats cheated and biden is a criminal🤔!!!it's going to court and the republicans have more seats and a new supreme court judge 😚 have a great american day!!!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  8. God these democrat voters are stupid! Democrats have historical been against marijuana usage and are, they are only after votes…. OMG…. Who in the neighborhood is always the nosey snoopy neighbor that reports people to the police for weed? It's never the republican neighbor, I can tell you that.

  9. I thought in a state where most of the people live in 1 county, in which I also live, we were a bit sick of getting shot by police with little to no warning. Especially when they haven't declared an unlawful assembly and it's the middle of the day. Also has the name of the cop who turned off his body cam and murdered Dion Johnson the same week of demonstrations over George Floyd been released yet? For a couple months in the summer, this felt like a police state. Mesa PD are known for killing black people and asking questions 2nd. We are SICK OF THIS. Angry voters vote. We finally got rid of Joe Arpaio with enough voting and enough time (only to have the worst president known to man pardon him when he only got 6 months for the years of terror he's put the non-white people of this county through – my client died in tent city as an over 60 year old, 100 lb woman, non-violent offender serving 6 months over the summer). We are done with racist politicians who threaten the fabric of our lives! We used to have John McCain. He was a great man. The republican party has become the racist party. Voting blue just means you'd like to not get pulled over and killed because of the color of your skin and feel that everyone should have access to affordable healthcare in a supposedly first world county. Marijuana legalization was just waiting to pass, it's only failed by incredibly small margins in the past. This year, no non-profits against weed had any money to put out false campaigns. It was gonna happen. People who don't live here, or haven't lived here long may be confused, but we just had to wait out all the old people in Sun City who were dragging the rest of our vote down. Also, there's an actual shortage of weed here because of Covid. Are you really surprised that even more people are bored in their house enough to vote yes? It sounds more fun than what I've been doing: yard work and home improvements.

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