Marijuana won in every state it was on the ballot—Here's what it means

Voters in four states on Tuesday approved measures to legalize and tax recreational marijuana for adults. Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota …


  1. In our county We Don't Legalize anything we the community decide what we are going to be able to use and what we do not allow.we do not ever know .You know one day we the community may say ok and the next day we might just change our mind. If we get bad reports or videos or any publishing about anything that someone is doing and it's affecting them in a bad way or the prices and quality and quantity are not correct then we're going to have to investigate it and if it's investigated and it's more than one person that it's happening to whatever the outcome is which is the treatment syptoms from whatever is available then we'll know something's wrong but until people can speak up and stand up for their own self no one can do anything about the situation it just stays the same and it does not ever get better. That's the problem in this whole wide world. When you have good leaders and good community members / good government and good public health officials and good D.E.A Doctors who can be honest and available upon request if needed then everything works out good maybe How Will I Know I haven't known that for like like 20 years or so but you know I believe in our community and I believe in every single person that exists in the entire world entire universe and I know everything is going to be okay soon but right now my heart is hurting there's something wrong maybe I'll tell you later.. so I would suggest everyone in our community go to the public health with official officer and dea doctor so that they can get their Black Label prescription if they want to be able to participate in their own business. If the police catch people doing things and it's reported by whoever and the person does not have black label permissions people will be in jail and people will be held responsible for not going to the doctor and getting that black box label prescription for whatever they need that is not available at the pharmacy. how can the community even allow for people to bring drugs into the community if they have no idea what drugs are even in the community at all cuz they don't do drugs? WE have to work as a team in our community to get WHAT WE want, learn how to be transparent and honest maybe you might be successful in whatever you want and need. Also if people do not get the correct medications and there are actions being done behind closed doors that cause people brain damage in the front OF THEIR BRAIN on purpose that is the death penalty.2020

  2. Fact check this: If Trump had tried to federally legalized weed this past summer. He would have won the 2020 election by a landslide. Because Nancy Pelosi and the House would have fought against it just because it fits their Hate Trump agenda.

  3. Drug testing somehow is still legal. We live in these states that are legal but can't consume because our employers feel like what we consume on our free time is their business.

  4. MARIJUANA should be FEDERALLY LEGAL IN ALL states. One Nation under God and GOD created MARIJUANA. Seeded plants have been in existence since the beginning of time, in Genesis chapter One.

    "Let no man take away the blessings that God has provided for you ". ~Jesus (who used KANEH BOSM – Hebrew for Cannabis, as a method of healing and anointing his people). Pot smoking Jesus Christ used Cannabis. And that's GOOD enough for me!! AMEN to that. 😇💨

  5. -Lost American value –>Biden , Democratic Party , CNN ,Fox News, the Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, CBS, ABC, NBC,yahoo news,Twitter, FB……


    Biggest winner –>CCP


    Not a loser–>Donald Trump

    Creator–>Donald Trump–>Make America Great Again!


    God bless America!

  6. Marijuana helps us stop China and china aresting us citizens on American soil and be careful with going abroad and getting arrested by Chinese government around the world and i believe they might be setting up to assault the United states of America interests ESPECIALLY legalization of marijuana in California and America

  7. The problem with legal weed is there is never enough, you are always running back to the depensary when your out and it is very expensive, people will soon develop a all day habit, before you know it, it becomes major expensive that wasn't added onto your budget, and you find yourself falling of a cliff to eventual eviction, because Marijuana has become as life sustaing as water. Middle Class was fun until proverty hits .

  8. Very informative video… So I take it and agree every state and country that has legalized drugs had no overdoses no DUIs no dumb s*** no nothing that increased and the government made money in lower taxes for everyone AKA common sense scientific research was a win-win for everybody

  9. Now Instead of being Dumbed Down, Everyone Will Be High Dumbed Down!!! Works More In Their Favor!! I Knew This Was Coming Sooner Or Later. I Prefer To Be SOBER MINDED!!! 😉😉😉👀👀👀👍👍👍

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