Open source Cannabis Cultivation 101 #How to Declorinate and remove Chlorine from tap water

Simply add 1 tsp of Vitamin C power to 50 gallons of water and let sit or bubble out for 10 mins, then your water is ready to make compost tea or just water into …


  1. Do you need to use a pump to aerate it? Can I just add the Vit C and stir it up and let it sit out? Also, can I make big batches of water and leave it sitting there? or does the plant prefer "fresher" water

  2. Not a good info. What is the start and the end ppm after de chlorination with vitamin c? Where is the link to the study about vitamin C and water purification.

  3. Lovin your whole setup bro. I just had to sub up for the seasons show to come. I love seeing some outdoor growers killing it on here. It’s the best content ever. Keep killing the game man. It’s going to be a forest in a few months.

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